Latitude Better Start Personal Loan application

Who can apply?

You must:

  • Be a new Latitude Personal Loan customer
  • Be borrowing at least $20,000 for debt consolidation
  • Be a permanent resident of Australia, who is at least 18 years old
  • Be currently employed on a permanent basis and have a regular income
  • Be able to demonstrate a good credit history for the last 5 years
  • Be free from bankruptcy for the last 7 years
How the process works
  1. Apply in less than 10 minutes and receive an initial response in 60 seconds.
  2. We’ll call to let you know if you have been approved, or if we need any further documentation. This may take 1–2 business days.
  3. Accept your contract online. You’ll get your funds within 24 – 48 hours.
What will you need?
  • Proof of identity
  • Your income and expense information
  • Details of your assets and debts