What Kind of Shopper Are You?

By Katherine Houston

We've long justified shopping as retail therapy, even when our bank accounts are groaning and our wardrobes are full. Does it even work? And what kind of shopper are you?

The Efficient Spender aka the Man Shop

You walk in, you know exactly what you want and you seek it out from your favourite store. Australian sales reps are usually pretty full of life, so within seconds you've received a warm welcome and offer of assistance, which you accept. Outfits have been tried on, the sales rep has thrown in a few extra t-shirt and shorts options, and you're good to go. You go for the recommended items too, taking the total price over $250 which makes the sales rep's day - they've got targets to hit - plus it ensures you won't need to return for months. Win-win. Although you're spending more than originally planned, you'll get six months interest free for spending that amount on your Latitude Gem Visa, so if that's not a successful shopping trip I don't know what is.

The Strategic Shopper

You browse the entire store, get eyes on everything, try on a few items that you love, then leave without buying anything. You do this at a handful of shops before returning to store one to buy the first item. What an efficient shop - you saw everything, you tried everything, you left with one thing. Just what you wanted.

The Seasoned Shopper

You don't need to try things on, you've known your exact size for years and the only reason you're shopping in-store not online is to see the Bourke St Mall Christmas decorations, because although you try to avoid the general public, particularly during peak periods, it's Christmas so you should probably make the effort. The other bonus of shopping in-store is that you can enjoy complimentary insurance benefits* on elibible purchases on your Latitude Low Rate Mastercard®. Handy.

The Online Shopper

Go in-store? Please. Who's got time for that? You browse the stores on your phone and keep tabs to go back and purchase on your lunchbreak. You've got your eye on a new iPhone and you're just a few shopping trips away from reaching your rewards points target. With any luck, you'll meet the click and collect cut-off time and you can have your packages delivered somewhere convenient, like your local pharmacy. Now that's savvy.

Want to be even more savvy? Price Protection on our Latitude Low Rate Mastercard means if there's a price drop on eligible in-store purchases, you could claim back the difference on your item*. See how you can benefit from this during the Boxing Day sales.

*Claim limits and exclusions apply. For full details see the Complimentary Insurance Terms and Conditions.