Digital Shopping Options Allow You More Freedom

There’s a trick you can’t do with cash – unless you’re a magician, a conman or an accountant – that the digital world makes possible. Thanks to the combined wonders of the internet and modern financial systems, you can check your level of credit or your credit history, apply for a personal loan or even a car loan, or set up a credit card, all within minutes, and all without even leaving the safety of your bathroom, if that’s where you like to manage your money.

You can spend money you don’t even have yet

We all think we know how credit cards work.

But here’s a possible saving hack that anyone can use: if you choose the right credit card, pay attention to the features it offers, in terms of interest-free periods, and manage your repayments – super simple if you have a mobile phone (think about setting reminders in your calendar) – you can minimize the interest you pay.

With Latitude Gem Visa 0% Interest Payment Plans, you can buy the things you need now and have longer to pay than other credit cards, by using flexible payment options catered to suit your budget.

0% interest? Surely no credit card offers that?

Incorrect, because the Latitude Gem Visa does, partly through the great relationships we have with our retailers, including one of the biggest, Harvey Norman.

The wonder of 0% interest Payment Plans is available at thousands of different retailers and service providers around the country with Latitude Gem Visa, but you will also have the use of an everyday credit card, for use with shopping excursions like buying petrol or groceries.

And you can still enjoy 0% interest for a full six months on any Visa purchase $250 or more (you might have a really big fuel tank, perhaps), or for up to 55 days on purchases under $250. And it doesn’t matter where those purchases are made.

But what if I don’t like credit cards? Can I still buy now, and pay later?

This is another one of those things that’s been made possible by the shift towards digital financial management – and some very forward-thinking financial institutions.

It works, largely because retailers are keen to help shoppers buy things, even when they’re a bit short. And because we live in an age of instant gratification, that demands things like the idea of buying now and paying it by instalments.

How does this work? Is it as good as it sounds?

The desire to have what you want, right now, rather than waiting, pretty much defines the modern human being. Think UberEats, rather than cooking, or even online share trading. We want it all, and we want it now. Or two minutes ago.

LatitudePay enables you to buy that dress/suit/shoes/television/device that you really have to have, right now, and pay in 10 weekly instalments.

As long as you are organised enough to pay each instalment on time, it won’t cost a cent more than the purchase price, and you won’t have to wait 10 weeks to get your desired object.

Thanks to the digital interface of the system, you can also log in any time from your phone to see your shopping history, change your payment day… even pay the balance off early.

COVID-19 Assistance
We understand that COVID-19 is having an impact on our community and that it could affect your financial wellbeing. That’s why we have put together a plan to help our customers.
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