The perfect trip for every Valentine

Different stages of love call for all kinds of holidays. Meet the parents on a six month backpacking trip after two dates? A bit keen if you only like them a little. Travelling with your best girlfriend on a non-stop adventure across the USA? Perfect when you love them a lot. No matter how much you love them, if they’re your work wife or love of your life, there’s a trip for every occasion this Valentine’s Day with your Latitude 28° Global Platinum Mastercard®. And remember – there’s zero international or currency conversion fees on purchases when using your card worldwide.

Now we love that a lot.

The #1 Valentine

Byron Bay

A trip for #1, a love letter from me to me. To really spoil yourself this Valentine’s Day, consider a luxury stay on a retreat in Byron Bay. Yoga, surf, empowerment – the choice is yours in this luxury Valentine’s trip of self-love.

The Girls Trip


Why not take a trip with your Galentines to Sin City aka Viva Las Vegas? A trip away with your female best friends is a chance to unwind, adventure, shop, go out – anything you like really, as long as you have fun! Bright lights, dancing, shows and shopping galore, it’s hard to have a bad time when you can head to the outlets and get a 0% currency conversion or international fee with Latitude 28° Global.

The Work Best Friend


We all need that partner at work who understands and loves us inside and out, bad moods, forgotten emails and more. This Valentine’s Day, to show how much you love them, why not take a chance to unwind with The Love of Your Work Life in Bali? Not too far, great weather and shopping galore, Bali is what you make it, from crazy adventures to reading by the pool – as long as it doesn’t involve a text from the boss!

The Budding Bromance

Machu Pichu

You’ve been mates for a while now, and you want to celebrate your budding bromance this Valentine’s Day – how about on an all-out adventure taking on the Machu Pichu trail? If you love your best bud a lot, you and your bromantic Valentine can take in the glorious sights on the trek in Peru, ticking the trip off your bucket list once and for all.

The Family Affair


Maybe this Valentine’s Day, you want to celebrate how much you love your family. If it’s a lot (we hope!), consider heading to Italy with la mia famiglia. Not only is it a great base to explore Europe, but Italy is the country that celebrates the love of family, enjoy art, culture, family, sun and of course, nothing brings a family together like delicious Italian food. Bellissimo!

The Love of Your Life


Perhaps you’ve been together a little, or maybe it’s a lot. But in your heart, this is your one and only. This Valentine’s Day, there’s no other place to show how much you love them than the city of love, Paris! Cobblestone streets, poetic lanes, food, culture and a certain je ne sais quoi, Paris holds the key to your heart. So, whoever the love of your life may be, where else to spend Valentine’s with the light of your life than the city of love?

And remember, all global spending – booking, shopping, dining and adventuring has zero international or currency conversion fees on purchases when spending with your Latitude 28° Global.

######Happy Valentine’s Day, however you choose to spend it, from all of us at Latitude.