Smoother, Smarter, Faster - Welcome to Living Digitally

One benefit of our increasingly cashless society that you might not have thought about yet is that it'll limit old Mr "I Forgot My Wallet. Again".

From a practical point of view, forgetting your wallet just doesn’t cut it anymore. On the odd occasion when you reach the supermarket checkout and realise you have no cards or cash on you, there’s a certain element of wonder as you can waft away your embarrassment by paying with your smartphone.

It can be something close to performance art paying digitally in public. Some people really seem to get a kick out of paying for things with their smart watches. And when you think about it, it’s the kind of thing you would have seen in futuristic sci-fi fantasies not so long ago.

Whether Australians will be as excited as the Swedes are about going the whole cash-less hog and having microchips inserted into their bodies remains to be seen.

Digital payments are faster

The other factor is speed. Not so long ago, watching someone at a busy bar pull out their credit card to pay for a round of beers, would earn them glares and groans from the others waiting. Paying used to involve at least entering your pin. Now, with any purchase under $100 being arguably quicker than paying by cash, it’s the way forward. Bar queues move quicker, and the world is a happier place.

When it comes to saving time, digital financi8l management is faster and more accessible, too. The fact that you can now find a low-interest personal loan in Australia, compare it with other offers online, then get your loan approved, all in less time than it would take you to walk to your nearest bank, is a huge move forward.

A smart wallet is a smarter bet

At one level, it’s instantly obvious that the digital wallet on your smartphone is a handy device for keeping boarding passes, movie tickets, your superannuation details and everything else.

But once you realise just how versatile a smart wallet (and the clever NFC chip in your phone or other smart device) is, it can become a hugely useful part of daily life. And it can replace your actual wallet.

With a credit card linked to your digital wallet platform, you can even get on public transport in many cities without carrying a physical card.

Get smart devices

Your smart wallet really starts to work for you, however, when it replaces all your old-world cards.

With a Latitude Gem Visa you can be linked up to your smart wallet on your smartphone, or watch, or other smart device – yep, all of them, because you can now use Fitbit Pay, Garmin Pay, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay and Google Pay – and pay for those everyday purchases of up to $100, without having to pause to reach for your wallet, or a card, or even your phone.

There’s something strange about the idea of using your fitness-monitoring device to buy things, though! Will it make you think twice about buying a doughnut if you have to hold up a watch that shows you how few steps you’ve done that day to do so?

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