5 Tips for Surviving the Boxing Day Sales

Are you one of the few who tackles the Boxing Day sales? Whether it's for upcoming birthdays, things for the house, yourself, or you're just so organised that you start buying next year's Christmas presents 364 days in advance, you, amongst some 2.4 million others (according to both the Australian Retailers Association (ARA) and the National Retail Association (NRA), who predicted sales in 2017 to reach up to $2.4 billion) are set to hit the stores on December 26.

Shopping checklist

A list is absolutely essential to a successful Boxing Day shopping day. It's also critical these bargains are ordered to suit your priorities, because come game day every minute counts and you're bound to have to make some hard decisions. Suss out what Boxing Day deals have caught your eye and consider saving the email or screenshotting the deal with your iPhone or smart phone, as an internet connection may be hard to come by amongst the other throngs of people doing the same thing.

Store agenda

Aligned with your shopping list you'll need to have the relevant stores allocated; there'll be no doubling back on Boxing Day.


I won't pretend you haven't already spent hours this year trekking through your local shopping centre, but don't knock it until you've tried it. A map may remind you of key shops you'd like to visit, and any updated shortcuts if there's been renovations. Plus, everything looks different once you add a million people. These days, shopping centres can be huge, causing you to spend hours walking around just to pick up a couple of items. Chadstone Shopping Centre in Melbourne, for example, is 2 million sq ft. Hats off to you if you can get in and out within 45 minutes.

Game plan

First of all, yes, you will need one. Once you've prioritised your shopping list with the right stores, ensure it makes sense within the shopping centre and plan your attack. This is even more important if you're bringing any of your children along, as they're unlikely to last very long amongst the hoards of people. A bag of chocolate coins should help you maintain sustenance.

Your best weapon of all

Your Latitude Low Rate Mastercard, it's like the Boxing Day sales, today. While we salute you for tackling the Boxing Day sales, we also have an alternative for you. Price Protection on our Latitude Low Rate Mastercard means if there's a price drop on eligible in-store purchases, you could claim back the difference on your item*. This means you can start your Boxing Day shopping right now, and isn't that a wonderful gift?

* Claim limits and exclusions apply. For full details see the Complimentary Insurance Terms and Conditions.