Shopping Warfare: 5 Tips for Surviving the Boxing Day Sales


If faced unprepared, Boxing Day – or what has become known in army circles as The Battle of Retail Morning– can get even the most trained of Sales Soldiers under siege.

It’s not a sale. It’s a Shopping Warzone – and you need a plan of attack.

If you’ve landed on this page, chances are the term ‘Boxing Day’ fills your head with images of sales, lines, mayhem, and surrendering your first born for a chance at a car park.

At Ease, soldier - you’re not alone. In fact, you’re just one of many Aussie shoppers who will be preparing for battle, adding over 2 billion to the Boxing Day sale phenomenon. Whether your purchases are for upcoming birthdays, household gear, treating yo’self, or you're just so organised that you start buying next year's Christmas presents 364 days in advance, you and 2.4 million others will hit the trenches and barter for sales on December 26. Rather than getting caught in a tactical attack, plan your mission with our five hot tips for surviving the Boxing Day sales and coming out with a Medal for Bravery instead.

1. Check it

Sir Yes Sir! A list is absolutely essential to a successful Boxing Day shop. It's also critical these bargains are ordered to suit your priorities, because come B-Day, every minute counts, and you're bound to have to make some hard decisions on the front line.

Suss out early which deals catch your eye and write it down or screenshot before, as Wi-Fi may be hard to come by amongst the other throngs of people doing the same thing on the battleground.

2. Map It

Yes, we know. You’re a veteran at your local shopping centre, no guerrilla tactics needed here. You’re so comfortable in the trenches that your novice cadet dad calls you when he gets more lost than a hippie in Fort Knox.

But don’t get cocky with rank, soldier. Your mission, should you choose to receive it, is to make it in and out in 45 minutes. Having a dedicated map and order to follow may remind you of key shops you'd like to visit, and any updated shortcuts if there's been renovations as you plan your infantry route. Plus, everything looks different once you add in a military invasion of a gazillion other shoppers. These days, shopping centres can be huge- Melbourne’s Chadstone is over 2 million square feet alone!- causing you to spend hours walking around just to pick up a green army man that’s 40% off.

3. Plan it

Military Strategy.

Yes, you will need a plan on your Tour of Duty– this is no joke, soldier. Once you've prioritised your list with the right stores, ensure it makes sense within the shopping centre you’re going to and plan your bargain attack. This is even more important if you're bringing any of your troops children along, as they're unlikely to last very long amongst the hordes of people.

4. Flaunt It

Planning on trying on heaps of clothes whilst on leave from the home base? That’s cadet talk. Think again, soldier. How many wasted minutes will be spent changing out of jeans, multiple layered tops, heels and/or runners every time after waiting in a queue for approximately 0800 hours? This is time unaccounted for by the task force and is blatantly unacceptable. No one wants to have pull an emergency rescue mission because you got a tag caught in your cargo pants.

That’s child’s play, soldier. It’s time instead to put down cameo and flaunt your best athleisure. Either leggings and a fitted top to throw clothes over in the middle of the store, or a t-shirt style dress / shorts are best for whipping on and off during a sale frenzy – and don’t forget the comfortable footwear to run away with the last bargain.

Hot tip: A tactical task force (read: someone to hold your stuff) may be deemed necessary as you plan your attack under threat.

5. Track It

Your best weapon of all.

Your Latitude Low Rate Mastercard® is like the Boxing Day sales, ahead of the enemy making you a renegade on the squad.

While we salute you and your unit for tackling the shopping centres head on, we also have an alternative for you from your home fort. Price Protection on our Latitude Low Rate Mastercard® means if there's a price drop on eligible in-store purchases, you could claim back the difference on your item*.

Your country salutes your service to sales…Captain.

Latitude. Let’s make it happen.

* Claim limits and exclusions apply. For full details see the Complimentary Insurance Terms and Conditions.