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Life’s great when you can make things happen. At Latitude, our attitude is to be responsible, fast and always ready to help. So, what are you looking for today?

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We hear you, big-time. You want easy. Let’s start with easy application, rapid response, flexible repayments, and oh-so-simple account monitoring. Online and on your mobile.

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See all the interest rates and fees up front. No tricky finance talk. Just clear and open, always.

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We’re all different, so it makes sense to assess applications individually. That’s why we tailor our rates based on your circumstances.

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We get it. Borrowing money is a big deal for everyone so we’re here as your money-partners, finding the best way to make it happen. And when life changes, we’ll help work it out together.

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Buying that new car

Better comfort, better kerb appeal. Discover our car loans.

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Start shopping from your phone in minutes, with your new Latitude credit card. Waiting for your card to arrive in the mail is a thing of the past, you can start tapping once you're approved with a few simple set up steps.