Tips to Help You Become a Super Saver

Everyone saves money differently. Some set aside a percentage of their pay regularly, while others use lump sums from bonuses or tax refunds.

The secret to reaching your savings goal is to work out how much you need, understand your monthly expenses and income, and form a habit of saving regularly.

Here are our tips to help you on your way:

Have a savings goal and budget

It's much easier to be a good saver if you have some sort of goal in mind. Whether it's a holiday, a house deposit or just saving for a rainy day, make sure you have a specific amount in mind.

To help you work out what that savings goal amount is, you should be realistic about what you can afford to save each week, fortnight or month. A well-planned budget will get you started on your savings path.

Set up a direct credit

'Out of sight, out of mind' is a saying that really rings true when it comes to saving. This is why setting up a direct credit from your pay to your savings account each payday can be a big help with saving.

Take it where you can get it

Most online savings accounts offer incentives to help you boost your savings. Take a look to see how you can earn bonus interest to help you reach your goals sooner.

Think before you buy

'Mindful consumption' is a good habit to get into. It's not just to help you save in the short term. It can also help you stick to a budget once you have larger financial responsibilities.

Think about your daily spending habits and where you can curb these to help reach your goal faster. Like treating yourself to a coffee once a week and putting up with the work coffee machine the rest of the time.

Avoiding temptation can be tricky (especially during sales time). But remember, just because something's on sale doesn't mean it's a bargain and you need to get it.

To help avoid impulse shopping, if you see something you like, walk away. Go and think about it, even if it's just for an hour. Chances are you'll realise you really don't need it after all, or can do without it in the long run. Then put what you wanted to spend but didn't, directly into your savings account instead!

Of course, those unexpected expenses do come in. So while you're saving, you may like to consider an interest free credit card option.

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