3 Signs Your Bathroom Is Due for a Renovation

Your bathroom should be a sanctuary - a place of comfort for all essential (and non-essential) personal hygiene, self-care and grooming activities. But what if your bathroom's shortcomings are making it less of an escape and more of a frustration? And more so, how can you tell when a few new accessories just won't cut it, and a bathroom renovation is in order?

Here're three sure-fire signs that your bathroom is due for an upgrade - which won't just make your grooming experience more enjoyable, but should also increase your home's equity and return on investment, should you decide to sell it.

Sign 1: Wear and tear

If there are cracks along the walls, bad ventilation, creeping mould, or broken fixtures, it's most likely time for a revamp. If there's a combination of these elements, it's definitely renovation time. Not only is a poorly maintained bathroom a pretty unpleasant day-to-day experience, ignoring these issues can lead to enduring damage to your house and even adverse results for your health.

For example, toxic mould thrives in moist, humid environments and can cause a whole host of health problems - including respiratory issues, a weakened immune system and lung diseases - for residents who are exposed to it long term. And it's not just humans who are at risk. Pets can also be affected by mould exposure so a renovation is the best way to protect you and your fur pals.

Sign 2: There's a line at the door

A queue outside the bathroom door during peak AM and PM self-maintenance periods is a signal that your bathroom is no longer serving your needs. Whether it's the result of an expanding family, new additions to your share house or a new partner in the picture, the 7:30am rush means one thing: you've outgrown the space.

If this sounds like your home, then a renovation can go lengths to solving the frustrations of increased wait times. If like in many older houses, your toilet is currently in your bathroom, a smart upgrade involves keeping the shower/tub and vanity together and splitting the water closet into a smaller, separate room so both can be used concurrently. Or, if you have space, consider installing a bathroom vanity with side-by-side sinks and mirrors, so there's ample room for two people to do their hair, brush their teeth or attend to their other personal grooming habits in unison. Talk about convenience.

Sign 3: It just doesn't work anymore

Maybe you're finding it impossible to store your collection of expensive hair care products. Maybe there's barely room to stand between the toilet and the sink. Or perhaps your bathroom is just plain ugly. Whether it's a layout, storage or aesthetic concern, if your current bathroom is inefficient or is leaving you feeling dissatisfied, investing in a renovation will bring you peace of mind (and most likely value down the line). After all, once you tally up the time taken for your morning and evening routines, you can end up spending a lot of time in the bathroom. It's not worth feeling uncomfortable every time you step in there. Just think: you get the chance to combine your needs, your wants and your style to create the perfect bathroom for your household. After all, what greater sanctuary is there than one you've built for yourself?

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