Finance a Better Family Car

It goes without saying that everyone wants their family to be safe and secure on the road - especially if you have a brand-new member on board. It means investing in a new car before a new arrival is a smart idea, and it's even smarter if you can upgrade your people mover at the end of the financial year.

Range of sales at dealerships

Unlike pre-Christmas sales, end of financial year deals aren't just about slashing the prices of cars because of their year badge. Car dealers are trying to clear as many models off the books to pump up their full financial year sales figures before the new one ticks over.

So, whether you're just thinking about starting a family or your brood is already growing, you can score significant savings by taking advantage of the huge sales that often start up in June.

Do better with a demo

When shopping around for your new family car, keep an eye out in particular for demonstrator vehicles, like 'zero km demos', 'delivery km demos', and 'not driven demos'. Demos are often heavily reduced in price, which means you could get more for your money - perhaps something bigger, with better safety features or built-in entertainment tech.

Keep in mind that even if dealers say a demo has been used, it can sometimes just mean it's been driven around the forecourt. Handy, because lower mileage means greater reliability and an all-round better investment for you and your growing troupe. So be sure to ask your dealer!

Go in with an open mind

When approaching end of financial year sales, it's best to go in with a degree of open-mindedness. If you have your heart set on a cherry-red 4WD with a novelty car horn, you might need to let go of that dream and go for the next best thing the dealer has available instead. And hey, the car horn could always be added later, if you're really keen to have it.

Research is key

Doing your research in advance is always worth your while. When it comes to negotiating car price you'll want to be as informed as possible, so we found a few sites to kick off the search. Firstly, there are the latest offers from Holden, easily filtered by size, lifestyle or price range, or current deals at Hyundai, Mazda, and Toyota. Or, search with your postcode to find offers near you at Honda. Alternatively, remember those demonstrator vehicles we talked about? Find your nearest Mazda outlet and see if your dream wheels are a current demo, ready for you to drive away.

To find out more about how Latitude can help you finance your new family car, check out our car loan options.