Budgeting tips for your honeymoon


For some couples, they're the best part of getting married. You've planned and planned and planned your big day. You've endured months of stress, trying to manage everybody's expectations and you've taken one of the biggest leaps into your adult life. Now it's definitely time to relax.

But one of the ironies of weddings is that you tend to spend so much money on all its bits and pieces (dress, caterers, DJ, wine, the kitchen sink) that there’s not a whole lot left in the kitty for a holiday.

No fear. Here are some of our tried and tested tips to help you get the honeymoon of your dreams without breaking your already fragile bank account.

Set up a honeymoon gift registry

Wedding gifts are becoming slightly passé. Most couples have the household essentials they need (toasters, anyone?) and they simply don't have space for any more stuff.

One solution is to create a honeymoon registry. List the experiences you’re hankering for (‘snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef’ or ‘Climbing the Eiffel Tower’) and guests can pick which one they’re happy to pay for. You get a gift you actually want, and may even end up snagging the whole trip – flights and all – without spending a cent.

Take a cruise

Cruises aren’t just for the grey nomads among us. They’re now cost-efficient vacations for all ages, especially if you leave from your home port rather than flying to meet the ship.

Usually all-inclusive for the most part, you don’t even need to worry about juggling currencies, unpacking or lugging suitcases anywhere. What. A. Win.

And the shorter the cruise, the less you'll have to pay. A cruise lasting between three and seven days is ample time to celebrate your new state of matrimony, without going into a state of debt.

Go off season

It’s always low season somewhere. And if you hunt down a low season deal, you’ll find that bargains are available everywhere.

Europe in December may be cold, but it’s beautiful blanketed in snow – and way less pricey. And travelling in South East Asia is definitely possible during the monsoon season ‐ just be prepared to spend a few hours indoors in the afternoons (or pack those gumboots).

Best of all, travelling in the low season means that there are far fewer tourists around, so you and your partner will experience the destination like the locals do.

Consider borrowing some funds

Has your wedding wiped your funds entirely? Then you’ve got two options: hunt down those money saving tips and plan for a honeymoon down the track, or borrow the extra cash you need now.

The first option could save you dollars, but you’ll likely need to pay a deposit – not easy if you’re still paying for wedding expenses. So borrowing can look like a better option. Just remember you’ll need to pay it back down the track – so keep your travel expenses modest to ensure your honeymoon memories stay sweet.

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