Budgeting for Your Honeymoon


For some couples, they're the best part of getting married. You've planned and planned and planned your big day. You've endured months of stress, trying to manage everybody's expectations and you've taken one of the biggest steps you'll ever have to take in your adult life. It's time to relax.

But one of the 'occupational hazards' of planning a wedding is that you tend to spend a small fortune on everything that goes with it: the dress, the caterers, the D.J. — the list goes on. Adding another expense (a.k.a. a massive holiday) on top of it all just isn't very realistic.

Something has to give. But not necessarily what you might think. Here are some of our tried and tested tips to help you get the honeymoon of your dreams without breaking the bank:

Set up a honeymoon gift registry

Wedding gifts are becoming slightly passe. Most couples have the household essentials they need — a toaster, a kettle, cutlery etc. — and they simply don't have space for any more 'stuff'. If this sounds like you, why not join a honeymoon registry instead? It's a great way for your guests to give you a gift you actually want and you may end up snagging the whole trip — flights and all — without spending a cent.

Take a cruise

Cruises are cost-efficient vacations, especially if you leave from your home port rather than flying to meet the ship. They're all-inclusive for the most part. And the shorter the cruise, the less you'll have to pay. A cruise lasting between 3 and 7 days is ample time to celebrate your new state of matrimony.

Go off season

Regardless of the month you plan to take your honeymoon, it's always low season somewhere. For instance, instead of paying top dollar at a ski resort after a December wedding, you can get bargain rates — and find plenty to do on the slopes — in July. If you're beach lovers, don't let the words "hurricane season" completely scare you off of visiting Florida or the Caribbean between June and November. Plenty of people live in those places year-round, and more often than not showers are brief and the sun soon emerges.

Consider an interest free credit card

If you simply can't wait but the wedding has wiped out your funds, why not book it right now with an interest free credit card? Some cards offer up to six months, and can include added extras like purchase protection insurance — which could be ideal for those last minute holiday expenses.

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