What Type of Wedding Are You?

Weddings come in all shapes in sizes.

There are ones that will go down in history as a spectacle in their own right (Salim Mehajer comes to mind...) but many others that quietly usher in a lifetime of marital bliss, without any fanfare or fuss. Budgets too, come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and the size of your bank balance or your loan approval can also have a significant impact on how you celebrate your big day with family and friends.

When it comes down to it, the event should say as much about you and your partner as it does about your familial ties, cultural heritage and preferred way to party.

So we looked at five types of weddings and put our must-haves against them. Are you "The Extravaganza" type, or are you more focused on getting the paperwork done and not having any fuss? Is a few drinks at a winery your ideal wedding, or are you more traditional than that?

Wherever you land, there are many different ways to celebrate the love between two people - the below five might give you some thought starters.

So What Type of Wedding Are You?

Wedding infographic