Get the perfect wedding at the perfect price

Getting married is one of life’s major moments, and with luck, you’re going to do it only once. So you want it to be perfect, right? But with the average wedding costing upwards of $65,000, how can you have a wonderful day without returning from your honeymoon to a bankruptcy notice? Check out our five tips and tricks for getting the wedding you want – without the price tag you don’t.

1. Exploit natural scenery

Save a huge amount of money on fs and decorations by exchanging vows in a naturally beautiful setting, such as a park or garden. It can cost several thousand dollars to fill a church or wedding venue with blooms for your ceremony. Enjoy even more savings by holding your reception in the same location.

2. Ditch the ‘wedding’ dress

Wedding dresses command premium prices, so consider walking down the aisle in a regular white dress. (Maybe you’re not even wedded to white.) Even if you take it to a dressmaker for alterations and embellishments, you’ll still save hundreds (or even thousands) compared with ordering a custom-made gown from a bridal boutique.

3. Fake the cake

Did you know that many of those incredible wedding cakes you see in pictures and shop windows aren’t real? We’ll let you in on a little secret: You can order a small wedding cake that has extra fake layers purely for decoration and that wow factor. Check with your cake bakery – you’d be surprised what they can do with icing and a bit of cardboard. If you need more cake to feed all of your guests, order a cheaper sheet cake to slice and serve from the kitchen.

4. Make your own f arrangements

Splashing out on professionally styled fs can chew up a chunk of your wedding budget. Instead, why not make your own bouquets and table arrangements? Add a personal touch to your special day with a handful of carefully picked blossoms for you and your bridesmaids. And for your tables, place some posies or daisies in glass jars make for simple yet stunning centrepieces.

5. Take your time

Don’t let all these wedding-day dollars and cents get you down. Consider options for paying off your wedding over a longer period of time rather than outlaying thousands of dollars upfront. For example, around 60% of us* choose a personal loan to cover wedding expenses, and it’s no wonder. Check out our Personal Loan repayment calculator and see how it can work for you.

Whether you’re dreaming of a lavish beachside wedding or escaping to a tropical paradise on your honeymoon, we can help. Click here to discover four steps to funding your dream wedding with something borrowed.

*MoneySmart survey results 2013