Travel Now with a Personal Loan or Credit Card

It's argued we're working harder and longer than ever before. For the sake of our happiness—our motivation, our wellbeing, our sanity—we need to take time off. We need a break. And a loan—or sensible use of a credit card— can give you the flexibility to do just that.Family events don't always occur when you're ready. Whether it's a wedding, a graduation, an anniversary, a significant birthday—or even a family crisis—you want to be there. You need to be there.Sometimes airlines and travel companies offer deals and specials that are too good to miss. You may be able to travel for longer, or to destinations you'd just dreamed of—but only if you travel sooner than you'd intended.

With a great holiday comes great responsibility

Before you take out a loan, you need to know you're in a position to pay it off — otherwise your happy memories and post-holiday excitement will fade even faster than your tan.

Check out our budget planner and loan calculators to find an amount that's right for your needs and circumstances.

And once you're home, consider how you could pay down more than your minimum payments each month. Even an extra $20 could help reduce the interest and the term of your loan. So check out what flexibility you have and use it to your advantage.

Once you've taken all of this into consideration, there's nothing left to do but apply for your loan and start packing. Happy travels.

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