5 top DIY home décor ideas

While we all have different tastes, we all want to create a home that feels special to us and resonates with our own sense of style. Try some of these home decorating ideas on a budget to bring some DIY flair to your living space and make your home truly your own.

Get creative with storage solutions

Clutter can make a room seem smaller and prevent key pieces from standing out, but built-in storage space is not always in abundance. However, you can invest in pieces that do double-duty, offering storage solutions and style, such as couches, beds and foot rests that are hollow on the inside and can keep clutter out of sight.

Additionally, you can find, or create, interesting pieces that assist with storing small, everyday items. Installing a unit near your front door with spaces for your keys, handbag and other 'out the door' items like your umbrella (and maybe some spare cash for any home delivered meals!) can show off your personal style as soon as you walk in the door, while also helping you keep track of those essentials that always tend to go missing when you're in a rush to get out the door.

Make windows a point of focus

Natural light makes a big difference to your space, making it seem bigger and brighter. While not all of us are blessed with homes that have large windows, you can use a few tricks to make an impact with what you have.

Invest in some statement curtains or window dressings. A bold pattern can be a reasonably cheap and effective way to add serious character to your space that highlights your personal style. Renters can use removable curtain rods, and you'll be able to take them to your new place if you move. If you can, try to hang the dressings a little higher and wider than the actual window - this can make windows seem larger, lighter and give the impression of a larger room.

Open things up

Open shelving not only makes a space seem larger, but it offers you a chance to show off home items that have character. A great place to do this is in the kitchen, and with beautiful cookware or appliances on display you might be more included to use any that have been ignored.

For living rooms, open your shelves up but use interesting boxes and containers to keep clutter out of sight, while adding some interest and texture. You can also use paint or wallpaper to create an interesting backsplash that peeks out and adds another dimension to your room.

Renters don't necessarily need to feel left out either. Look at whether you are able to, very carefully, remove any cupboard doors from their hinges and store them safely (those hollow couches can come in handy here!) Removable wallpaper or contact paper can be used for a backsplash and taken down when it's time to move.

Focus on small touches with big impact

Changing up doorknobs, cabinet handles and mirror frames can allow you to add quirky, personalised touches around the house, while also tying different rooms together. These DIY updates can be done relatively cheaply if you do your research, and can help you feel like you've given your place a facelift and refresh without much work.

Similarly, finding statement rugs or throw cushions can offer an easy way update a room, while adding a pop of colour, and comfort!

Let the outdoors in

Including plants as part of your décor is an excellent idea – and don't worry if you're no green thumb, there are plenty of plants out there hardy enough for those of us with a less than stellar record of plant parenting! A statement bush on the larger side can completely change the look and feel of a room, making it seem more elegant and stylised, while smaller plants in unexpected places, like the bathroom or bedroom, can lift a space in no time.

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