The World's Most Luxurious Cars

Diamond laced paint, jewel encrusted dials, hand embroidered interiors and engines that punch from zero to 120 in 2.5 seconds flat. Here's the high end of the high end automotive world.

Wipe that drool from your chin and join us as we look at four of the world's most extravagant cars from the past few years - because we can all dream big right?

The swanky SUV: Land Rover SV Autobiography

This is the $200,000 4x4 (that would never be caught dead off road) of your dreams. Less about the driver and more about everyone else in the car, the interior is stocked with two 10.2 inch monitors and power-deployed tables, a high end esky compartment to keep that ritzy bottle of booze on ice, and deep luscious twist pile mohair carpet mats.

The absolute icing on this cake is the 'event seating' which is hand crafted from top-of-the-range leather and neatly unfurls from the tailgate. Passengers can sip their champagne while taking in their surrounds from the comfiest perch on four wheels.

The Rolls Royce of Rolls Royces: Rolls Royce Phantom Serenity

While every Rolls is bespoke to some degree, this one off exercise in pushing the limits of luxury customisation was made specially for the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. The Rolls Royce Phantom Serenity boasts the company's most expensive paint treatment ever, with its Mother of Pearl paint giving the car a shimmer that stuns. The paint alone was buffed for 12 hours straight to get the right effect.

Inspired by the centuries old Japanese 12 layer junihitoe kimono, the interior is hand embroidered and features hand painted silk, with a leather blossom motif interior that took more than 600 hours to complete. The front seats are cloaked in hand stitched white leather, and the interior dashes finished with a delicate combination of smoked cherry-wood and bamboo panelling. The price tag for all this luxury? Over US$1 million.

The blinged up statement: Maybach

Kanye and Jay-Z totalled one for kicks in a music video, DJ Khaled's uses his as his personal office and Kylie Jenner was given an unreleased model for her 19th birthday.

Maybach became a pop-culture sensation largely due to the many outrageous special customised editions of the car produced for their elite customers over the years. Take for example, the custom-made Maybach 62 for British stationary heavyweight Theo Paphitis. It has its own champagne tulip glasses, miniature refrigerator, first-class airline style seating which turn into flatbeds and two flat screen televisions.

Flashy and fast: Bugatti Veyron

The world's second fastest car is still first class when it comes to luxury. It blasts from zero to 100 kilometres per hour in about two and a half seconds. The Veyron was first introduced to market in 2005 and fast became a favourite of gearheads everywhere, on account of its innovative use of technology, beautifully considered design and incredible performance.

But all that tech and design packed into one vehicle doesn't come cheap - you're looking at US$2.6million plus and a hefty waiting list to make one yours. Bugatti ask for a down payment of US$350,000 just to get on the waiting list and if you ever need to replace the transmission you'd be looking at a cool US$120,000.

This luxury machine has found many famous fans along the way having made its way into the collections of countless celebs like soccer star Christiano Ronaldo and Jay-Z (who was given one as probably the most extravagant birthday gift ever from Beyonce).