Recycling for a Sustainable Renovation

You know what you want from your new home: sustainable design with an emphasis on reducing energy use - but don't stop there! Ensure the renovation process aligns with your green ideals (and saves you more than a couple of dollars along the way) by minimising waste and recycling wherever possible, saving useful materials from landfill. After all, nothing adds personality to a new home like an authentic touch of heritage bricks, aged hardwood and original features.

Timber & bricks

Whether you're demolishing the entire home, extending or simply renovating one room, it's worth staying true to the history of your house. A simple way to echo a home's past is by reusing bricks and timber beams in feature walls, exposed ceilings or even a statement support beam or banister - simply clean them up and they can live another life in your new home. Damaged bricks can be saved from landfill and used outdoors as paving, edging or a fire pit, and others can be salvaged via the team at The Brick Pit. Alternatively, if you love the look of heritage bricks but don't have any of your own leftover, stock up on their recycled range for a fraction of the price of new.

Fixtures & fittings

You're probably sick of that old basin, and the current window frames definitely won't suit that streamlined mid-century-modern look you've been dreaming about - out with the old, right? Stop right there - someone else might be lusting after the authentic, rustic notes your old fixtures can offer - explain to your builder that you'd like to make sure they are sent to a salvage yard for another chance at life. One man's trash is another woman's treasure: think fireplace facades and mantels, roof tiles, kitchen cabinetry, hardwood doors, metalwork, fencing and more. Visit Planet Ark's Recycling Near You, The Junk Map or Willing & Able to make sure your dream home can do good for the planet, or even for people in need of a helping hand.

New & improved

When sourcing new materials, choose locally made products where possible to reduce their carbon footprint, as well as supporting local makers. Often you can find items that are either completely or partly composed of recycled materials - this includes things like flooring, glass and building materials. Reclaimed timber floorboards, while often more expensive than new, add loads of personality. If you can’t source recycled products for your renovation job, look for renewable materials, such as cork and bamboo, or timber from sustainably managed forests, certified by the FSC Australia.

Eco-friendly build

There are plenty of clever architecture techniques, from passive design to smart lighting plans, that you can use to ensure your new home saves you money and looks after the planet - click here to learn more.

Consider boosting your reno budget with a personal loan to ensure your home meets your and your family's sustainability goals.