5 Ways to Stick to Your Renovation Budget

If you've ever watched The Block, you know that renovations don't always go according to plan. And when you don't have a six-figure TV budget to play with, it's easy to run out of cash and be stuck with a half-finished kitchen or a hole in the ground where your pool was supposed to be. Make sure that doesn't happen to you with our five insider hacks.

1. Plan around existing plumbing

It's much cheaper to renovate if you don't mess around with your plumbing. Reconfiguring a bathroom layout gets expensive when you have to jackhammer concrete floors and reposition pipes. Try to keep your main plumbing features where they are.

2. Choose white

Go with white – for good reason. White maximises both light and a sense of space, it's easy to accent with colour (plants, ornaments, and pictures, for example), and you're less likely to get tired of it. You'll also find a much larger variety of materials in white, from paint to tiles and appliances. White is also timeless and easier to sell to future buyers.

3. Go green

Choose eco-friendly features to help you save in the long run. LED bulbs can last months longer than their halogen counterparts, and you'll enjoy energy costs. It's a good way to futureproof your home, as buyers are increasingly looking for sustainable and efficient properties.

4. Invest in your kitchen

It's a good rule of thumb: 5% of the value of your home should be in your kitchen. So if you need to choose between having fitted kitchen cupboards or custom closets in the bedroom, keep in mind that the kitchen will provide more value.

5. Don't DIY when it comes to trades

Unless you've got extensive building, plumbing or electrical qualifications, find professionals with a good reputation who'll give you a clear quote and contract for your renovations. They'll do the work efficiently to the proper standards and with minimal mistakes. Plus, they can often source materials more cheaply.

Be smart with your spending, and it won't be long before you have a palace fit for Pinterest! For more tips on how to start transforming your place into your dream home, click here.