What to Consider with a New Floor

Old, ratty floors can make your place look tired, worn down and even dirtier than it is. A new floor can really lift your space, but putting one in is a big job so you need to consider your options carefully. Here are some handy tips to take into account before you make any decisions regarding your new floor.


Floor installation is a big job, and can be costly, too. Think carefully about the kind of foot traffic that comes through your home, and whether your flooring choice will stand up to that. You may also like to consider tougher materials for places such as the kitchen, bathroom and entryways, that are subject to tougher conditions and treatment. You might love a certain kind of tile for your kitchen, but will you be stuck with a big stain if you spill red wine or pasta sauce on an especially porous material?


This follows on from durability. If you have your heart set on a particular material, consider the maintenance involved. Stone tiles need to be polished and sealed every few years, while hardwood flooring can last up to a decade without needing this to be redone. Carpet – especially lighter shades – can be very high maintenance. Be sure you're thoroughly informed of the requirements for your chosen floor and are willing to commit to keeping it maintained.

Broad appeal

You may have your heart set on something, but does it have broad appeal? If you want something a bit out there, consider how long it might be before you decide to sell. Even if you plan to stay in your home for years to come, it can be beneficial to take a pause and think about whether your dramatic flooring choice can be easily altered if you do ever need to sell.

Subfloor material

What's supporting your current floor will largely determine your range of options for your next floor. It will usually be required to remove current flooring, such as carpet or damaged materials, but some new floors can be laid directly over what is existing. Be sure to get a reliable quote to help you determine the best option, as this will impact your budget and choices.

Need a bit more cash to install your chosen floor option? Consider a personal loan and give your home the floor it deserves.