Living the Luxe Life: How to Make Your Home Feel Like a Palace

While minimalist design has been all the range in recent years, some of us prefer our homes to have a little extra flair. If you are more inclined towards the luxe side of life, these tips can help you turn your home into a place that feels more lavish – and some of them can be done on a budget!

Spend money on the finishing touches

While a super plush couch or king-size bed with an ornate frame will certainly help you feel like you're living in a plush hotel, not everyone can afford an upgrade on those expensive mainstays. If your main furnishings aren't meeting your desire for a more 'extra' aesthetic, look at ways to add lush touches without a huge price tag.

Invest in some super soft sheets and big fluffy pillows for your bed, and go crazy with the (mostly) unnecessary extra touches that will make your bedroom feel super fancy – a range of deluxe throw pillows, a gorgeous throw rug for the foot of the bed, or you can even create a make-shift canopy bed with some gauzy material and easy-to-install roof hooks and rails. Keep clutter to a minimum too, by storing the items you keep on your nightstand in an ornate box instead of out in the open.

The same applies for your other living areas – an old couch can get a serious facelift for a fraction of the cost of a new piece by investing in a new cover. Many outlets, especially online, offer designer fabrics that fit over models from common retailers such as IKEA, so you don't need to worry about a custom fit – just order it straight to your door, slip it over and in five minutes you have an eye-catching new centrepiece!

Turn your bathroom into a day spa

Bathroom updates can quickly turn expensive, but they also offer you a chance to create a truly indulgent space at home. A good place to start is with your lighting. To make your bathroom feel more relaxed and ambient, consider changing your main light source to offer a softer glow, rather than harsh fluorescent lighting. This can be easily and cheaply achieved by simply switching out the bulbs. You can then install brighter lights near your mirror, so you can use more targeted light when shaving or applying make-up.

Swapping out your shower head, or the entire fixture, can be a simple renovation solution that can deliver big results. What about one of those luxe rain-style shower heads they often have in hotels? Or if you prefer a bath, keep some scented candles and fancy products close by to take your soak time to the next level. You can even trick yourself into making bath time fancier on the sly by decanting your everyday products such as shampoo, conditioner and body wash into more luxurious glass pump bottles (secured well for safety in a wet environment please!) because you can bet Beyoncé isn't washing those lush locks straight from a plastic bottle of Pantene!

For those who are eager to go all out, there are some seriously impressive (or scary, depending on your point of view) bathroom technologies that can give your intimate time a serious upgrade. Many travellers have returned from Japan with tales of the incredible advanced toilets that are widely in use – in fact, more than 70% of Japanese households now feature smart toilet seats that offer a wide range of functions. While installation is said to be quite easy, you will be looking at around a $900+ investment to install the latest Toto Washlet model, one of the most popular on the market.

Cook like the upper class

While many in the upper classes may not necessarily be doing their own cooking, you can bet that their kitchens are still on point. The key is to make a few key aesthetic decisions and stick with them, to bring a sense of cohesion and flow to your space, which is especially key if you're working with a smaller area.

Consider picking your preferred metal finish, and one or two complimentary colours, and stick to these when adding elements here and there to bring it all together. For example, copper adds richness to a kitchen space, and you can invest in a few serving items and storage pieces to stand out, or go all the way with a set of luxe copper cookware. You can also try a large pepper grinder in a sleek matte black or polished silver, or a cut-glass container for your fancy Himalayan seasoning salt.

Try to keep the fridge door free from clutter, and keep important notes or reminders inside a cupboard door instead. If you have treasured photos or the kid's artwork hung up with pride, give them the display they deserve by replacing the usual magnets or blue-tack with a set of magnetic picture frames to create a more artistic and considered aesthetic.

If you have any fancy kitchen equipment that is also elegant to look at – that KitchenAid stand mixer you couldn't resist, for instance – it's time to open up those shelves and get them on display! Place some citrus – lemons, limes, oranges or even grapefruit – in a beautiful bowl or large vase to add a touch of casual elegance, and add a subtle, fresh scent.

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