Best Indoor Plants to Revive Your Space, and How to Care for Them

If you're thinking of renovating your home, or just wanting a smaller scale change, you're probably imagining how to turn your soon-to-be new surrounds into a beautiful place to live. And what better way to add some life, colour and zen to your home than by bringing in some new (potted) family members?

Adding plant considerations into the overall design of a room or home is often overlooked as a key ingredient to a gorgeous new space. So, what are some of the best indoor plants, and how can you make sure you keep them green, even without a green thumb?


If you're after an addition that's on the taller side (growing to about a metre high), a philodendron xanadu could be the right pick for you. Considering its size and green foliage, a philodendron adds a bright, tropical flair to larger rooms. Keep in mind to water this plant regularly, especially when the mercury starts to climb.


Love your regular flower bunches in the house, but wanting something a little more permanent? The phalaenopsis orchid is an elegant upgrade. With its flowers blooming in a range of colours, you can match the décor of any room. Make sure to keep these orchids in a bright area, but avoid direct sunlight. In terms of watering, just a weekly dose should do it (and make sure to let the excess water drain from the soil, as well).

Lucky bamboo

Afraid of letting down your leafy new friends with your busy lifestyle and occasional forgetfulness? Why not make your new roommate the hardy dracaena? Growing to a metre high, this is another plant that will need to take up a little space, but it's long, folding leaves are sure to make quite the impression. All this lucky bamboo needs is a vase of water and some occasional fertilising. As for sunlight, low-light conditions suit the dracaena well. Talk about easygoing!

Mother-in-law's tongue

Don't let its odd title scare you off! The sanseveria boasts long, luscious leaves that stretch upwards between 50 – 120cm in length. Care comes down to making sure that its soil remains on the drier end of the scale (especially during the colder months), and placing it in well-lit areas to soak up plenty of sunlight.


Working with tight space constraints? A calathea may be the right choice for you. With zebra-like stripes of green and purple, this plant is certainly an attractive option for any home. Preferring conditions that lean towards humid, keep this plant watered regularly and out of direct sunlight.

So, there you have it. 5 of the best indoor plants to add a natural flair to your home. And remember, just like colour palettes, furniture and art, choosing the right indoor plant should come down to your personal taste and style.

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