How to Avoid a Valentine’s Budget Blow-Out

They say love don’t cost a thing, but when Valentine’s Day rolls around you can easily burn through some serious cash trying to spoil your sweetheart. But you don’t need to put your budget under strain to show them how much you care.

Give differently

Presents are often a huge part of Valentine’s Day, and common gifts like fs (especially roses) and chocolates often have their prices inflated around this time of year. But if you think about giving a little differently, you can create something truly unique and special for your loved one.

Instead of buying a present, consider organising an experience you can share together. Take the time to really think about what your partner enjoys doing, and create an experience around that. It will not only give you a chance to show off how well you know them, but investing your time to show how much you care speaks volumes.

Another idea is to pay the love forward on Valentine’s Day – think about a cause close to your partner’s heart and make a donation to a charity in their name.

You could also look at implementing a no gifts rule altogether. Decide that you’d prefer to focus on each other, rather than giving gifts, and take the time to enjoy a home cooked meal, a romantic walk or a picnic.

Research before you buy

If you’ve got your heart set on finding the perfect gift, take the time to shop around before you commit to a purchase. If you’re looking for inspiration and are unsure what to buy, search for local craft and gift fairs on Facebook. Often, you’ll find something amazing and unique, and you’re supporting small businesses at the same time.

Use online sites to comparison shop between similar products, and if you’re tackling bricks-and-mortar stores you should always ask whether the retailer is willing to price match to help you score a better deal.

Still unsure what to buy your beloved? It never hurts to do the old check-in-with-the-best-friend and score some intel on what their heart desires.

Ditch the romantic getaway

Accommodation costs tend to also rise on Valentine’s Day and the weekend adjoining it as couples look to take romantic mini-breaks.

What about transforming your place into a mini-retreat instead? Switch off your phones, queue up your favourite films on Netflix and order in from your favourite restaurant.

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