How Technology Can Help You Hack Your Finances

Keeping track of your money is tough at the best of times. As we grow older, it only gets more complex. Oh for the days when tax time basically meant writing your salary on a piece of paper and waiting for a tidy little rebate. Factor in different jobs, multiple credit cards, investments, fees, interest, concessions, family members, property...hoo boy! It's a pain.

At the end of the day you should be focused on earning and spending your money, not counting it. Thankfully, the future is now and there are a bunch of apps and online tools to make light work of it. While we wait patiently for the inevitable rise of the machines, we might as well enlist their help before they rebel.

Take the guesswork out of budgeting with Frollo, a free personal finance app that can identify spending patterns that not only show people their past behaviours but can also predict future ones. On top of that, Frollo also looks at your financial habits against people just like you so they can give you a clear snapshot of how you are tracking against your peers.

Apps like Frollo automatically sync with your financial institutions, allowing you to view all your transactions in the one spot, making it simple and quick to see where all your money is going at any time. This is particularly useful when you’re trying to manage the personal finances of several people living in the same household who all have different cards and accounts.

When you’re searching for financial products such as loans, savings accounts and term deposits, look online for the most competitive interest rates you can find. But also read the fine print closely to ensure you can meet any conditions required so that you receive the advertised rate.

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