How Technology Can Help You Hack Your Finances

Keeping track of your money is tough at the best of times. As we grow older, it only gets more complex. Oh for the days when tax time basically meant writing your salary on a piece of paper and waiting for a tidy little rebate. Factor in different jobs, multiple credit cards, investments, fees, interest, concessions, family members, property...hoo boy! It's a pain.

At the end of the day, you should be focused on earning and spending your money, not counting it. Thankfully, the future is now and there are a bunch of apps and online tools to make light work of it. While we wait patiently for the inevitable rise of the machines, we might as well enlist their help before they rebel.

Take the guesswork out of budgeting with...

Pocketbook. This app helps you track your monthly spend, including recurring bills and expenses. You can set spending limits to help boost your savings and steer clear of debt. It connects to your bank account so you don't have to manually input your income and spending.

Invest your spare change with…

Raiz. This is a micro-investing app that (once linked to your accounts) rounds each purchase up to the next dollar and invests that extra amount on your behalf into exchange-traded funds.

Keep yourself on track with…

TrackMyGOALS. Nothing inspires progress quite like tangible goal-setting. This app allows you to set, plan, and track your savings targets in a way that keeps you accountable and lets you visualise your progress towards achieving your goals.

Split the bills with...

Splitwise. Whether it's sharehouse utilities, sporting team registration, or party planning, Splitwise keeps a running total over time to diffuse the tension in your group chat and keep the remnants of your high school maths where they belong...back at high school. Phew.

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