Our Pick of Australia's Best Value Used Cars

Small Car – 2012-2016 Honda Civic

There’s a reason Honda has been making the Civic for more than 40 years and that’s because they got the basic formula of safety, efficiency, practicality and a dash of driver enjoyment right first time. This generation Civic got replaced last year which means there may be some trade in bargains to be had and as a Honda it is likely to be more sophisticated but just as reliable as you expect.

Compact SUV – 2012-2017 Mazda CX-5

The small SUV is the new family car. Even if they can’t bush bash like the larger models (which are more expensive both new and second-hand) they cope well with increasingly potholed streets and being slightly higher and more upright than a normal hatchback they are more practical. The Mazda CX-5 manages to be pretty stylish, surprisingly classy to sit in and drive and have a lot of great standard features. They also came packed with some very advanced safety tech which is perfect for family hauling peace of mind.

Small second car – 2010-2017 Suzuki Swift

Whether increasingly busy lives mean the need for two sets of wheels or you’ve got a teenager itching for some independence, a frugal second car can make a lot of sense. The Suzuki Swift is one which manages to project a lot more presence than its size suggests, helped by a reputation for toughness and reliability. It’s fun to drive, parts are plentiful and insurance is cheap.

Family sedan – 2011-2016 Hyundai i40

Before the SUV invasion, the family car was a sensible saloon with room for the kids to argue in the back and a boot big enough to swallow all their clobber. Well they do still exist and because they don’t quite have the same kudos anymore they can represent quite a bargain. The Hyundai i40 is a great example of new school old school with sharp lines, suspension tuned for Aussie roads, strong engines and good build quality.