Google Pay

Terms & Conditions

1. Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply where you add, use or remove a Latitude Card in Google Pay on your eligible Android Device.

These terms and conditions are in addition to the terms and conditions (also known as the Conditions of Use) that apply to your Latitude Card and account. The terms and conditions for your Latitude Card which relate to EFT transactions also extend to the use of Google Pay in relation to your card.

If there is any inconsistency between the Conditions of Use applying to your Latitude Card and these terms and conditions, these terms and conditions will apply to the extent of that inconsistency.

Please note that these terms and conditions do not apply to the relationship between you and Google, your telecommunications provider or any other third party who provides services or applications incorporated into Google Pay. Google, your telecommunication provider and those third parties impose their own terms and conditions.

2. Adding and removing a Latitude Card on Google Pay

You can add your Latitude Card to Google Pay only on your eligible Android Device so long as your Latitude Card or account is not cancelled, blocked, suspended or in default. You can remove your Latitude Card from Google Pay at any time.

We will verify your identity when we do this and require that your mobile phone number and email address is up to date to enable this process.

You can find instructions on how to add or remove a Latitude Card at

If we re-issue your Latitude Card due to misuse, loss or theft or a breach of the card's PIN or password you will need to add the re-issued card to Google Pay in order to use Google Pay on your Android Device.

3. Using Google pay

You can use Google pay to authorise transactions on your account by using the Google Device instead of a Latitude Card at a contactless payment terminal or in an application on an Google Device or online where Google pay is supported.

You will be required to manually enter the Latitude Card PIN for transactions over $100 or where your Touch ID or Google Device's security PIN is not recognised.

Google pay requires a mobile network or wireless internet connection to function. If Google pay has not been connected to a mobile network or wireless internet connection for a period of time there may be a delay before it functions again.

4. Security, Misuse, Loss and Theft

You must inform us immediately if your Android Device or security PIN has been misused, lost or stolen by calling the Customer Solutions number on the back of your Latitude Card or on the Latitude website.

You should also log in using Google Device Manager and lock or delete all cards from Google pay. If a Latitude Card has been deleted from Google pay you will still be able to use the physical Latitude Card associated with your account, unless it is also blocked or cancelled.

You must give us all the information that you have or can reasonably obtain regarding the unauthorised use, loss or theft.

If you suspect an unauthorised transaction in respect of an additional cardholder, you must suspend or close the Latitude Card of the additional cardholder by calling the Customer Solutions number on the back of your Latitude Card or on the Latitude website.

You must keep the Google Device and security PIN secure, including by:

  • ensuring that only your fingerprint or biometric identifier is registered on your Android Device.
  • not sharing the security PIN with anyone.
  • not having a record of the security PIN in your Android Device or on anything liable to be stolen with your device.
  • ensuring it has security PIN lock or similar lock which activates when the device is not in use or unattended.
  • ensuring that your security PIN does not:
    • contain any numeric or alphanumeric code which represents your name or any part of it.
    • contain any numeric code which represents your birth date or any part of it.
    • contain your credit card PIN or any part of it. and
  • not having an easily guessable security PIN.
  • changing your security PIN regularly.
  • installing and maintaining Android software updates and appropriate anti-virus software on your Android Device. and
  • removing any Latitude Cards from your Android Device before disposing of it.

You may become liable for all or any unauthorised transactions if you do not keep your Android Device and security PIN secure in the manner described above.

5. Liability and unauthorised transactions

Except as set out in these terms and conditions, your liability for unauthorised transactions using your Latitude Card with Google pay will be determined in accordance with the Conditions of Use relating to your liability for EFT transactions applying to your account.

In the Conditions of Use references to "cards" are to be read as references to an Android Device and references to "PIN" or "password" are to be read as references to the Google security PIN, with all necessary modification, and noting that if third party's fingerprint or biometric identifier is registered on your Android device, you will be liable for these transactions.

6. Fees and Charges

We do not charge you any additional fees for adding, removing or using a Latitude Card on Google pay. You are responsible for all third party charges associated with the use of Google pay such as charges from your telecommunications provider for SMS, mobile data charges etc.

7. Suspension and termination of Google pay

Latitude may block, suspend or de-activate your Latitude Card in Google pay at any time. Reasons for such action may include:

  • where Latitude suspects fraud or misuse of any kind.
  • if we believe you gave us false or misleading information.
  • if your Latitude Card or account has been cancelled, blocked or suspended.
  • if your account is in default or closed.
  • if required by law for example, anti-money laundering and counter terrorism financing laws.
  • If we believe that your access to Google pay has been or is being used to further any illegal activity.
  • to ensure security or quality of service.
  • to prevent loss to you or us.
  • if requested to do so by Google or by the relevant card scheme (for example, MasterCard or Visa).
  • if Latitude's arrangements with Google in respect of Google pay are terminated or are suspended. or
  • for any other reason.
8. Privacy and data collection

The Important Privacy Notice in your Conditions of Use and Latitude's Privacy Policy contain detailed information on how we collect, hold and disclose your personal information in relation to your use of Google pay.

Once a Latitude Card has been added to Google pay on your Android Device, Android may also access your personal information regarding the use of the card through Google pay. Please see Android's privacy policy at

Further to Latitude's privacy notices above, Latitude may collect, hold and disclose personal information and data relating to your use of Google pay and your Android Device to Google and other third parties:

  • to ensure the proper functionality of Latitude Card's in Google pay and to improve Google pay generally.
  • for security purposes and to identify and prevent fraud.
  • to provide a better service to you. and
  • to tell you about our products or services that may be of interest you.

If you do not want us to collect, hold or disclose your personal information or data as described above, you should not add your Latitude Card to Google pay. If you do not wish to receive direct marketing, please contact Customer Solutions number on the back of your Latitude Card or on the Latitude website.

9. Availability and Latitude liability

Google pay is made available by Android and is only available on compatible Android devices. You must accept Android's terms and conditions in order to use Google pay.

Latitude is not responsible or liable for the use, functionality or availability of Google pay, any Android device, the availability of contactless payment terminals at merchants, or any reduction in service level caused by third party telecommunications and network providers.

Latitude is not liable for any loss arising from your use of Google pay to the extent the loss was caused by your fraud or the breach of these terms and conditions or your misuse of Google pay or your Android device.

10. Changes to these terms and conditions

Subject to the notice requirements set out below, we may change these terms at any time.

We will give you 20 days advance written notice of any changes we make that:

  • imposes or increases a charge relating to the addition, use or removal of a Latitude Card in Google pay.
  • increases your liability for losses relating to EFT transactions enabled by Google pay. or
  • imposes, removes or adjusts a transaction limit applicable to your use of Google pay.

We will give you advance notice of other changes by writing (including by email) to you or by any other manner which is likely to come to the attention of as many account holders as possible (this may include by notice on or with your statement of account or by press advertisement).

We do not have to give you advance notice where an immediate change to these terms is necessary to restore or maintain the security of our systems or the accounts.

Latitude can change these terms and conditions by giving you notice by the communication methods described below in clause 11.

The current terms will always be available for you to view at

11. Communication of notices

By agreeing to these terms and conditions and by continuing to use your Latitude Card on Google pay, you consent to receiving any notice or any other document we are required to give you by any of the following methods:

  • by emailing the notice or other document to your email address.
  • by SMS to your mobile device with a link to the notice or other document.
  • by making the notice or other document available for a reasonable period of time on the Online Service Centre or Latitude mobile app for retrieval - we will send an email to your email address to notify you that the notice or other document is available for retrieval by you.
  • in a manner permitted under the national consumer credit laws, which include public notice in an Australian national paper. or
  • by any other method provided for in the terms and conditions applying to your account.
12. Definitions

Unless otherwise defined below, defined terms in these terms and conditions have the same meaning as in the Conditions of Use. In these terms and conditions:

  • Android Device means a device such a smartphone, tablet or smart wearable or any other device determined as eligible for use with Google pay.
  • Google pay means the mobile payment service created by Google that lets users make payments using credit cards or debit cards on eligible Android Devices.
  • Google means Google Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. ABN 54 341 015 381 and/or its related bodies corporate and affiliates.
  • Latitude, we or us means Latitude Finance Australia ABN 42 008 583 588 and/or its related bodies corporate and affiliates and its successors and assigns and our has a corresponding meaning.
  • Latitude Card means an eligible Latitude credit card which is not expired, blocked, suspended or cancelled.
  • you our your includes as the context requires, the additional cardholder of the Latitude Card.
13. Trademarks

Google and Google pay are trademarks of are trademarks of Google Inc.

© Copyright Latitude Finance Australia ABN 42 008 583 588. Australian Credit Licence 392145