Hardship Care

Terms & Conditions

I acknowledge that:

  • the information I have provided is true and correct; and
  • Latitude relies on this information to determine whether or not to agree to vary my credit contract/s.

I declare that:

  • the income & liabilities stated represent the total income & liabilities at the time of this declaration; and
  • the estimate provided by me of my living expenses is true and correct to the best of my knowledge at the time of this application.

I permit Latitude to take whatever additional reasonable steps to process and determine my application, without any further notice.

If my application is accepted:

I agree that Latitude is authorised to process the arrangement on my account(s) with the information I have provided in respect to length and payment amount of the hardship care arrangement;

Latitude will send me a variation notice confirming the agreed changes to my credit contract(s); and

Missed and/or late payments will result in the hardship care arrangement being revoked and the original Terms & Conditions of the credit contract being reinstated on my account(s)


If Latitude agrees to extend the term of the loan and/or reduce the interest rate, I agree that I will be able to maintain the agreed amended contractual monthly obligations. As a result of the change to the credit contract, all current overdue payments will no longer be treated as

I agree that additional interest may be payable to Latitude as a result of this variation. If I have existing credit insurance on this loan, I will contact the insurer, as the cover may not be valid for loan extensions or variations.

Latitude means the credit provider in relation to your Credit Card, Personal Loan or Motor Loan and LatitudePay.

Credit Cards: Credit facility provided by Latitude Finance Australia ABN 42 008 583 588, Australian Credit Licence number 392145.

Personal Loans: Credit facility provided by Latitude Personal Finance Pty Ltd 54 008 443 810, Australian Credit Licence number 392163.

Motor Loans: Credit facility provided by Latitude Automotive Financial Services 80 004 187 419, trading as Latitude Financial Service, Australian Credit Licence number 392178.

LatitudePay: Credit facility provided by LatitudePay Pty Ltd ABN 23 633 528 873.