Share your benefits with an additional cardholder

Adding an Additional Cardholder on your account can help provide extra security for emergencies or help with your life admin. As the account holder, you're still responsible for making repayments and any outstanding balances on your account.

Your additional cardholder can make purchases and request cash advances, but they won't be able to register or sign in to your account online via the website and mobile app or receive any statements. You will also need to activate your card before they can activate theirs.

It's a good idea to talk to your additional cardholder about how you'd like the card to be used. With some good habits in place, you can both enjoy the benefits of the David Jones credit card. Speaking of good habits, set up a direct debit for repayments to avoid late fees if you haven't already.

Before you complete the online form, please have handy:

  • Your account number — this can be found on your statement and your application approval email
  • Additional Cardholder's full name — as it appears on their ID
  • Additional Cardholder's date of birth — make sure your nominated additional cardholder is an Australian resident and over 16 years of age
  • Additional Cardholder's email address — so we can contact them to complete the request

Simply complete the online form and you're one step closer to sharing the benefits of your David Jones credit card!