You've Probably Had These Thoughts While Shopping

From picking up groceries to buying gifts for others, or treating yourself to some new threads, shopping can be a roller coaster of emotions. Whether you’re indulging in a spot of late-night online shopping or you’re trawling the rails in your local shopping centre, there are some thoughts that seem to consistently spring into our heads when we’re spending those hard-earned dollars. Whether you love retail therapy or you hate shopping altogether, you’re bound to have had most of these thoughts at some point during shopping.

Here are some of the most common phrases that pop up in people’s inner monologues while shopping. No, you’re not alone in these thoughts at the check-out!

##“Oops.” When you go into Westfield for one thing and come out with half the shopping mall. You’re not sure how it happened. But all your purchases were absolute bargains that you 100% needed, right?

##“That’s like… ten days of rent!” When you’re trying to work out where your priorities lie. You’ve got bills to pay, but that unexpected essential purchase is… well, essential. Maybe it’s new shoes for work because your existing pair are at the end of their lives, or a broken washing machine at the worst possible time.

##“Don’t look at the sale display, don’t look at the sale display, don’t look at the sale display…” Too late. How can anyone resist a bargain? And there’s nothing quite like that rush of endorphins you get when you find a huge discount in the sale aisle.

##“I’ll diet into it.” Spoiler: you won’t. Just buy the bigger size and own it! Nobody needs unworn clothes hanging in their closet, reminding them of those gym sessions they missed.

##“I don’t need it. But I want it.” If you can’t stop thinking about it, you need it. Don’t let it be the one that got away - life’s too short!

##“Man, my feet hurt. Did they get bigger?" Wearing uncomfortable shoes for shopping is a rookie error. Think maximum comfort for speed and efficiency when choosing footwear for shopping. It’s an endurance sport, after all.

##“$10 for delivery?! Umm, nope!” Never mind the fact that your online shopping basket amounts to ten times that number. Sky-high postage and packaging fees are such a turn-off.

##“I’m STARVING. It’s probably time for a burger break, right?” Shopping burns around 130 calories per half hour, so you should stay fueled with frequent snack stops. Gotta keep that energy up for the sales rails!

##“Those fitting room lines are crazy!” Life hack: just buy the item and try it on in the comfort of your own home. The lights are more flattering, you’ll have more privacy and you can always return it if it doesn’t look as good on you as it did on the hanger.

##“This store’s music is so annoying! I should have just shopped online.” There really is nothing quite as irritating as dodgy covers of chart hits blaring through the speakers while you shop. At least when you shop online at home, you’re in charge of the playlist.

##“So. Many. People!” Long lines at the check-out are the worst. Again, there’s always online shopping. No queues, no strangers elbowing you to get the best deals and you can do it in your PJs…

##“I should get this in blue, too.” If you find a piece of clothing that fits great, makes you feel and look amazing and is in a style that will never date, buy it in every colour. It’s a worthy investment.

##“Why don’t they have this in my size?!” We’ve all been there. You find the perfect item - dress, shoes, onesie… whatever. But the store has every size but yours! It’s always worth asking the sales assistant if they have your size behind the scenes, or if more stock will be coming in.

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