Your 2019 Go-To Guide for European Festivals

Let's be honest, the average traveller doesn't need much encouragement to go gallivanting through Europe. But if you're looking to escape the traditional tourist scene and experience Europe as the locals do, then we have some festivals you'll want to visit.

In fact, we have one for every month of the year, meaning no matter when you decide to pack your bags, you'll be able to attend one of the top festivals in Europe.

1. January: Garo Snow Festival, France

If you're a lover of snow sports, plus electronic, house and techno music, then this is the winter festival for you. Promising to offer attendees everything from après-ski parties to raves in the resort's best venues, you'll be hard pressed to split your time between all the action on offer.

2. Jorvik Viking Festival, UK

Embrace your Norse Heritage and unleash your inner Viking! This week-long celebration is considered the largest of its kind in all of Europe. Held in York in the UK, this historical event offers Viking lovers the Nordic adventures of a lifetime, including dramatic combat performances, talks, tours, living history encampments and more.

Make sure you keep an eye out for the festival's viking theme which is typically released in the lead up to the festival via social media and email.

3. March: Munich Strong Beer Festival

When people think of beer festivals in Munich, they undoubtedly think of Oktoberfest. But this lesser-known cousin offers the perks of having half the crowds and beer that's twice as strong. So, for those interested in a less intense introduction to the beer-loving city of Munich, the Strong Beer Festival is the perfect stepping stone.

4. April: DGTL Electronic Music Festival, Amsterdam

Overseas travel to Amsterdam wouldn't be complete without visiting this dazzling, environmentally conscious music festival. Located in an edgy industrial setting in NDSM Docklands, this European festival offers some of the finest electronic music, art performances, lighting and visuals.

DGTL Electronic Music Festival also prides itself on being waste-free. This means a cashless system, sustainable cups, solar power and 100% veggie food.

5. May: La Fira Del VI Falset, Spain

For those looking to experience a more cultured European adventure, look no further than the three-day La Fira Del VI Falset wine fair hosted in Spain. This particular region has long been renowned for its craftsmanship of producing hand-made wine and offers festival attendees the chance to experience wine culture at its finest. Spend your days tasting delicious local wines, chatting to winemakers and enjoying the variety of delectable food and music on offer.

May: La Fira Del VI Falset, Spain

6. June: Salzburg Whitsun Festival, Austria

Backed by a rich history, the Salzburg Whitsun Festival combines a vibrant audio tapestry of cathedral concerts, opera, orchestra performances and more. Paying tribute to many great castrati voices throughout the ages, attendees will be treated to listening to some of the most famous voices from around the world.

7. July: Lollapalooza, Paris

While a relatively new festival in Europe, Lollapalooza Paris promises to deliver an unforgettable adventure. Spanning three days and including a line-up of music superstars across a range of genres, you will not want to miss Paris's newest flagship festival.

8. August: La Tomatina, Spain

Have you ever wanted to find yourself in the midst of the world's largest food fight, where over one hundred metric tons of over-ripe tomatoes are used as projectiles? Well, the infamous La Tomatina food fight festival is where you want to be. This epic battle takes place on the last Wednesday of August each year in the sleepy town of Buñol, Spain, situated inland from Valencia.

The town's usual population of a humble 9,000 typically blows up by an additional 20,000 souls as locals and tourists alike flock to the festival. I mean, what overseas travel adventure wouldn't be complete without copping a tomato directly to the face?

9. September: Outlook Festival, Croatia

This one is for all the bass lovers out there. If your idea of a Europe festival done right involves feeling the pulsing throb of the music in your very soul, then get yourself to the Outlook Festival in beautiful Croatia. When you're not listening to one of the blistering sets shake the very ground itself, you can expect to find yourself partying on the beach or living your best life on a party boat.

10. October: Oktoberfest, Germany

What first began as a marriage ceremony over 200 years ago has since evolved into an iconic, must-attend event for every tourist visiting Munich. Today, commonly known as the largest beer festival in the world, Oktoberfest attracts over seven million people across 17-18 days, where an impressive six million litres of Bavarian beer is consumed. Now that's a lot of beer!

11. November: Iceland Airwaves

Set during the time of year when Iceland only receives a few hours of sunlight each day, this electronic music festival turns the country into a musical treasure hunt - with shows being held everywhere from theatres, bars, concert halls and even bookshops.

12. December: Rave on Snow Festival, Austria

As the name implies, this festival offers the opportunity to rave on the snow, who would have thought? The lavish resort of Saalbach promises to transform into a hive of partying for three days straight. Considered among the elite of Europe's snow sport and electronic festivals, this is one adventure you won't want to miss.

December: Rave on Snow Festival, Austria

If you haven't had your festival fix, make sure you also check out the top 10 largest music festivals around the globe. We also understand that all of these extravagant festivals in Europe don't come cheap, which is why it's important that you find the right travel card to suit your budget. Consider applying for a Latitude 28° Global Platinum Mastercard for travel without the fees.

Happy exploring!