Workout with a View – Best Workout Spots around the World

For some, travel is about adventure and pushing their bodies, for others, it’s exploring new cultures, getting to meet new people, or doing things they love in beautiful places all around the world. But why not enjoy it all? More than just exploring, travelling allows us to take care of our minds and bodies while being inspired by new and exciting places. So, here’s an invitation to combine your wanderlust with your wellbeing and see what healthy living can mean in beautiful parts of the world. From exploring beaches to eating healthy local food or working out, remaining healthy just got a whole lot more rewarding. Get your travel journal out and take note of these unforgettable workout spots with amazing views.

Muscle Beach, California

Amrita Yoga

Muscle Beach opens at eight in the morning, meaning you can squeeze in a morning workout and still have plenty of time for more activities. If you’re not up for flexing your muscles in public, that’s okay. The beauty of Muscle Beach is that it’s a great place to people watch and explore just as much as it is for serious workouts. However, as one of the most famous outdoor gyms in the world, we’re sure you’ll find yourself testing out the equipment soon enough.

Spending some time on the beach is a great way to nurture your wellbeing. Soak up the sun while you fill in your travel journal with Muscle Beach memories. If you’re up for more adventuring, take the 45 minute walk along the beach to check out the Santa Monica Pier and enjoy some rides. There are also plenty of places that offer surf lessons, as well as bike rentals for travellers who prefer to pedal through the gorgeous streets.

After the day of exploring is done, head on up to one of the rooftop bars near Muscle Beach and watch the sunset. It’s a great way to wind down and you may meet some new people too.

Amrita Yoga and Wellness, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Amrita Yoga

One word. Relaxed.

If you are stressed or struggle with that noisy mind of yours, then let us prescribe a visit to this place! Offering a range of options from yoga to Pilates and barre classes, there’s something for everyone. This is a pretty quiet place – necessary to help promote that sense of calm – so it’s not the time to meet new people and have a big loud chat. But if you’re looking for some ‘you time’ to unwind, this activity is ideal. Group and private classes are available – oh, and they cater to every level, so don’t worry if you’re a beginner.

Tough Mudder, Houston

Tough Mudder, Houston

Travel Tips: Believe the name. This is not an easy feat.

If you’re looking for a workout you won’t forget, and you don’t mind getting a little lot dirty, then Tough Mudder is for you. While it’s challenging and those obstacles might seem like the end of you at times, you don’t have to be an athlete who trains 10 hours a week to finish the course. You can join with mates and create a team, or take it on solo. Don’t worry about going at it alone, you will meet new people – Mudders stick together and help each other complete obstacles. Comradery is pretty much guaranteed. If you’re not ready to take on the full 10 mile, 20 obstacle course, there’s a Half Mudder option of five miles and 13 obstacles. This is a travel journal entry you’ll be proud of, trust us!

If you like the tough stuff and pushing your limits, you might be interested in taking on some of these marathons.

The Hollywood Sign, Los Angeles

The Hollywood Sign

Good weather, great scenery, why not stretch the legs a little? The Hollywood sign isn’t just for looks; you can make your way up there yourself for amazing views of the city. You’ll also get to trek through Griffith Park, which is absolutely huge!

There are many ways to walk, run or hike to the famous Hollywood Sign, so you really can plan a day that suits your fitness level and time restraints. No matter which route you choose to take, you’re going to love exploring the landscape along the way. Bring your camera! Once you get to the top, you’ll want to savour that scenery.

Travel Tips: Make sure you have a good travel card. There are plenty of things to see and do in Los Angeles besides walk and run! Shop around and get a card with no excessive fees.

Yoga Retreat, India

Yoga Retreat, India

Time to swap your runners for yoga mats and visit a peaceful yoga retreat in India. We love the thought of getting away from it all and exploring somewhere completely different to home. We know what you’re probably thinking: what about the language barrier? There’s no need worry! Sessions are conducted in English and classes in most retreats cater for all levels.

There are many retreats in India to choose from, with options of a few days to a few weeks. Do your research as many retreats offer delicious vegetarian meals as well. Bring your travel journal, you will have plenty to write about as you enjoy the beautiful scenery and meet new people both in the retreat and out and about.

Most importantly, a yoga retreat really gives you the time and space to focus on your wellbeing without distraction. It may be challenging at first – day-to-day life is so busy! Afterwards, though, you’ll hopefully find you’re much more relaxed and in tune with your body. For those looking to plan their next getaway, consider some of the above destinations to combine your love of travel and beautiful scenery, with an opportunity to focus on your health and wellness.