The Perfect Credit Card for Travellers

As an adventurous traveller, you know how hard it can be planning your holiday away. There is so much to plan, and in so little time, how will you know what purchases are the best for you? When deciding which credit card to apply for, do a bit of research prior to signing on the dotted line. We want you to get the best deal for your holiday, so consider our below tips and tricks for the adventurous traveller.

1. Essentials

When travelling the world there are certain items we will always carry with us. Whether it may be your passport, phone, camera, wallet, purse, foreign cash or your travel card. These travel essentials make or break your holiday, and finding the right ones can sometimes be hard. That's why we have created the Latitude 28° Global Platinum Mastercard for those who like getting out and exploring the world. Latitude 28° Global is a convenient and easy tool for you to use on holiday.


2. Saving money

We have all heard this one before, saving money while on holiday can be a tricky task. Whether it may be purchasing cheaper accommodation, having shorter time away, or by using your frequent flyer points to redeem on flights or overseas activities, with Latitude 28° Global it's now even easier for you to save on your holiday. We hold the secrets to smarter travel, and we're willing to share. Offering a platinum credit card without excess baggage, we have the right deal for you. With our credit card you pay no annual fees, currency conversion fees or foreign transaction fees on purchases when travelling. This in turn, means saving your hard earned money for more important things on your holiday! Rather than spending money on unwanted fees, you can put your savings towards other fun activities and experiences. Check out our Latitude 28° Global Platinum Mastercard today.

3. Less fees

When travelling overseas we know the hassles of unwanted costs and fees that can just keep adding up. Fees can come in all shapes and sizes when travelling, including mini bar treats, tipping, transport costs such as busses or trains, and unexpected currency exchange fees - they just keep adding up! With no overseas fees on purchases, you can bag a bargain online without paying more than the price tag if you use your Latitude 28° Global card when booking. And when travelling, as every bit counts.

4. No hidden costs

No hidden costs

Hidden costs while travelling can add up. Some hidden costs to be aware of include currency exchange, additional tax, international roaming charges, extra baggage and tipping, just to name a few! Depending on your holiday destination, hidden costs may vary. Make sure you do your research prior to your holiday to keep on top of unnecessary fees and extra costs!

Travelling overseas can be a tough gig to plan. For a better understanding on our travel money credit card, view our 7 Things a Platinum Credit Card Can Do For You article, or apply for our Latitude 28° Global Platinum Mastercard today.