Travel Checklist Before Travelling Overseas

The stress of travelling overseas doesn’t have to be unmanageable. A little focus is great for making sure you tick the boxes before you get to the airport, and you can stop it from being more than that with a travel checklist.

1. Get a health check-up

An international travel checklist should start with making sure you’re fit to travel. A pre-travel health start with a visit to the Department of Health’s Traveller’s Health Alerts. Your local doctor should also be able to recommend necessary vaccinations you might need.

2. Research your destination

Secondly, find out more about where you’re going. Ensure it’s safe by reading the local news and get the latest information from the Smartraveller website. Learn about the local laws and customs, and consider how you’ll need to adapt your travel accordingly. It’s also important to check whether you’re travelling to a country that requires a visa for entry. You can check this by country on the Smartraveller website.

3. Check your passport

A few months before you leave, ensure your passport isn’t close to expiring. Some countries have the right to refuse entry to anybody with under six months validity on their passports beyond the period of intended stay. It is recommended to check entry requirements of the countries you plan to visit using the list of foreign embassies and consulates. Renewing your passport can be done online or by dialling 131 232.

4. Get the right credit card

When travelling overseas, few issues will be more important than money. While traveller’s cheques are (mostly) a thing of the past, many travellers have been stung, hidden credit card costs and confusion over currencies and exchange rates. A Latitude 28° Global Platinum Mastercard features no annual fee, no international transaction fees on purchases and no currency conversion fees, saving you money. It’s best to arrange your credit card at least a month before you leave to allow time for application, approval and to receive the actual card. Typically, it’s best to carry a mix of foreign currency, a travel credit card – like Latitude 28° Global Platinum Mastercard and possibly also a debit card.

5. Get travel insurance

Having the right level of cover will help should you become ill, lose your luggage, experience cancellations or get in a spot of trouble. There are policies and options to suit different styles of travel or activity. It’s best to make sure you’re protected as soon as you’ve booked your travel. Find out more about Latitude 28° Global’ preferred travel insurance provider.

6. Consider a travel SIM card

Ensuring you can access the internet has become almost essential for smooth travelling. You might find that purchasing a travel SIM card at your destination is the best solution, but putting ‘travel SIM’ on your travel checklist will remind you to explore available options before you leave the country.

7. Get the right luggage

With these lifelines in place, you can begin to look at your luggage. Whether it’s a suitcase or backpack will depend on how long you’re travelling and what sort of activities you plan to do. Packing lightweight, appropriate clothing and shoes is essential. Perhaps you’ll need an international power adapter, a language phrasebook or an extra memory chip for your camera. A good, up-to-date travel guide often helps you get more out of your trip as well as providing you with useful local information.

8. Download a travel app

Once you’re overseas, free travel apps such as Tripwise (Apple/Android) and Travelmath (Apple/Android) are for staying on top of your itinerary and finances.