8 Ways You Can Actually Relax on Holiday

Going on holiday can sometimes become more stressful than it should be. You suddenly have a lengthy to-do list and are fast running out of time before you leave. We've pulled together our top tips to help you avoid the stresses that can come with planning and going on holiday.

8 Ways You Can Actually Relax on Holiday

1. How to budget before booking your holiday

Budgeting before a holiday can have its challenges, and costs can add up unexpectedly. There are a few different ways to save some extra money when budgeting for your next holiday, so consider the tips below when saving for your trip:

  • Record all your expenses
  • Budget food costs
  • Consider your 'want' purchases
  • Put money aside for your bills
  • And finally, put money aside for your holiday (and don't touch it!)

2. Booking your holiday

When booking your long-awaited holiday, try and score the best online deals to save money. Sites such as Expedia, Hotels.com and Booking.com have great deals at competitive prices. Also, don't forget to research your flights, as there are many online sites offering flights at cheap prices. This includes Skyscanner and Webjet, which both offer competitive rates.

3. Cost-efficient destinations

Discovering which holiday destinations are budget-friendly is a must before booking your next trip. Depending on where you are located, how long you are going away for, and how much you are willing to pay for flights, you will be amazed at which countries are affordable and enjoyable holiday destinations. We have listed our popular cost-efficient destinations below that offer competitive exchange rates (at the time of writing), which could help dictate where you travel for your next getaway:

  • Montreal, Canada
  • Xian, China
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Port Salut, Haiti
  • Zagreb, Croatia
  • Utah, USA.

4. Saving money on holiday

Saving money while you're on holiday isn't the easiest, especially when your trip mostly consists of shopping! Here are some small tips that can help you save money in the long run. Essential tips to remember include:

  • Walk everywhere, and if it's not possible, use public transport rather than taxis
  • Eating out is nice on holiday, but buy your essential food items such as breakfast and lunch to make at your hotel and take with you on day trips. In the long run, this will save you more money than you know!
  • Take advantage of free hotel breakfasts
  • Invest in a smart water bottle (you'd be amazed by how expensive bottled water can cost!)
  • Set yourself a realistic daily budget, any leftovers can be spent on fun activities or can be brought home with you.

5. Relaxing activities for your holiday

Relaxing activities for your holiday

There are many ways to relax on your holiday, but depending on your destination, your activities may vary. Try these below activities to really relax on your holiday:

  • Try to immerse yourself in the local culture by booking a cooking class or taking part in a traditional activity
  • Meditation, pilates or yoga can improve your mindfulness and wellness during your holiday
  • Plan fewer activities some days to have some downtime to sleep in, read a book, or go for a quiet walk
  • Go shopping early to miss being flooded with tourists
  • Go outside and take a few morning deep breaths, calm your mind and spend some time in silence to relax your mental wellbeing.

6. Relax knowing you're not paying travel card fees

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7. Actually sit back, and relax!

Planning your holiday can turn into a stressful time. With all this handy information in mind, remember to make the most out of your holiday. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your time away!