Keeping Your Skin Fresh on A Long-Haul Flight

Whether you love or hate flying, there's one thing we can all agree on: plane air sucks for your skin. But never fear, we've put together some of our best tips to help you through your long journey!

First things first: Cleanser

Before embarking on a long-haul flight, facial cleansing is a must. Long flights can make you feel dirty and worn out, and that's because you are! No one can get through a long-haul flight without feeling a bit mucky, but you can at least keep your skin feeling fresh with our recommended face masks.

Your skin deserves to feel luxurious at all times, no matter the event. Facial cleansing not only helps clean the dirt off your skin, it's also one of the quickest ways to hydrate your skin and pores. Perfect while on a long-haul flight.

If you've cleansed your face prior to your trip, we also recommended cleansing your skin at least once on your flight as well. You can buy small bottles of facial cleansers in numerous chemists or beauty shops, or alternatively you can make your own.

Simply mix some raw honey, a dash of coconut water or milk, and a tablespoon of Pure-Castile liquid soap. These natural products combine to create the perfect product for cleansing your skin. When applying, simply splash some water to your face before cleansing, and wash off thoroughly with warm water. And remember to wash your hands well before you cleanse to ensure skin cleanliness while on your long-haul flight.

Keeping Your Skin Fresh on A Long-Haul Flight

Hack: To ensure your hands are nice and clean prior to cleansing your face, pack some travel hand soaps for use on your flight.

Nourish your skin, with Avocado?

That's right, you've read correctly! Avocado is fantastic in face masks because of its natural oils that seep into your skin and provide long-lasting nourishment. When it comes to face masks, we highly recommend making your own so you know exactly what's going on your skin. Before or after a long-haul flight, pick up an avocado, raw honey, and some natural oats. Mix them up together and wallah, you have your natural face mask!

Due to the messy ingredients, it will be hard to make this while on a long-haul flight, so that's why it's best to hydrate your skin before and after instead. Simply rub the mixture onto your face with a touch of warm water, keep it on for up to 10 minutes and wash off thoroughly with warm water. The natural ingredients will instantly nourish and repair your skin, making you feel fresh before and after any long haul flight. What better way to get settled into your holiday?

Fighting acne prone skin during a long-haul flight?

If you struggle with acne-prone skin and are heading on a long-haul, this could be the answer for you! Simply mix one tablespoon of organic coconut oil with three tablespoons of oatmeal and a drop of warm water. Mix the ingredients thoroughly together and rub gently all over the face. We recommend leaving on the skin for up to 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, wash it off with warm water to instantly feel refreshed. Because of its simple ingredients, it's easy to make on your flight, or can be conveniently made and applied prior to boarding your plane for your skin to feel fresh and nourished - if you're bold enough that is!

Keeping Your Skin Fresh on A Long-Haul Flight

Cleanse and tighten your skin with vinegar

To cleanse and tighten your skin before or after a long-haul flight, try using vinegar for a base skin toner. After you wash your face with warm water, mix two tablespoons of warm water with one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and apply to your face (avoiding the eyes). Make sure you have your balance right, and even add more water to dilute your mixture in case your skin is sensitive to the apple cider vinegar. Wait until it fully dries prior to rinsing, this will ensure the skin soaks in the full benefits of the apple cider vinegar. You will immediately feel the changes, be prepared for tighter glowing skin!

Why not exfoliate on your long-haul?

With only two ingredients required, you'll be able to exfoliate almost anywhere! Simply mix two tablespoons of brown sugar with two tablespoons of virgin coconut oil to make a scrub-like face mask. Gently apply in circular motions onto your face and slowly feel the sugar working its magic, scrubbing off all the dead skin in its path. We recommend leaving the mask on for five to 10 minutes to allow the sugar and coconut oil to fully blend into your skin, prior to rinsing off with warm water. If the oil and sugar seem a little risky, use it as a good scrub once you reach your accommodation.

The next time you're preparing for a big trip, try a DIY face mask so your skin can feel smooth and fresh, ready for your holiday!