How to Pick the Right Credit Card for Your Travel

When looking to buy a travel credit card, you can be overwhelmed with endless options and choices. Travel cards are a great tool when spending large amounts of money overseas or when purchasing items online. Travel cards allow for tracking your purchases to pinpoint where your money is going and how much you are spending. They also make it easier to manage a travel budget, as limited amounts can be put onto the card at your chosen time. Consider what type of credit card you are after, and how much you are willing to pay for extra card bonuses and rewards.

How to Pick the Right Credit Card for Your Travel

1. Should I get a travel card?

Asking yourself this question is a great starting point. Should I get a credit card for my travels? What type of travel credit card do I need, and if you so, what can I afford? Setting your budget guidelines is a fundamental step prior to making any quick decisions. Once this question is answered, you can feel comfortable with your choice to purchase a travel card.

2. Consider your financial needs and habits

Being honest about your finances is one of the first things to consider before applying to get a travel credit card. Understanding your spending habits, and knowing your budget can really be a vital step prior to your holiday. This can be easily mapped out and planned in a data spreadsheet, or by downloading money budget apps for your smartphone.

3. Don't focus on advertised specials

If you have decided to apply for a credit card for your travel, don't just focus on advertised promotions or offers. There are many different types of lenders offering travel credit cards at competitive rates. Being sucked in by the first offer, means less research for better offers and may lead to higher costs and unexpected fees while travelling. Make sure you do a bit of research prior to signing on the dotted line to score the best possible deal.

4. Trip cancellation insurance

Some credit cards offer trip cancellation insurance. If you do some research, you will find that some credit cards focus primarily on rewards. Some reward bonuses include travel insurance to cover incidents such as flight delays, flight cancellations, lost luggage or even travel accidents. Finding a card that offers this insurance at little or no extra cost, can be very beneficial for your holiday away as it can save you money in the long run.

5. Interest free

Finding a card that is interest free will help you save money on your holiday. Some credit travel cards offer interest free payments for a period of time or offer low interest fees. Consider a travel card with low interest fees when travelling to keep more money in your pocket!

6. Comparison websites

To compare and find the right travel credit card for you, comparison websites can be helpful as they allow you to better understand the product, and help you make an informed decision. Bear in mind there are some limitations with comparison websites, so ensure you're comparing apples with apples.

7. Finding the right travel card for you

Finding the right travel card for you

At Latitude 28° Global, we hold the secrets to smarter travel. Pay no annual fee, currency conversion fees or foreign transaction fees on purchases when travelling. With no overseas fees on purchases, you can bag a bargain online without paying more than the price tag. These bonuses are beneficial for customers, as they know they are being looked after while using their card anywhere in the world.

Remember to do your research prior to purchasing your next travel credit card. With many options to choose from, make sure to buy the one that's right for you.