How to Maximise a Short Annual Leave Holiday

Sometimes, a few days of annual leave holiday is the most you can get. Making the most of your holiday is essential for a great time away wherever you may choose to travel. Whether you are planning your holiday for relaxation or adventure, there are some important things to consider prior to booking your time away. That's why we have prepared some of our top tips to make the most out of your short annual leave holiday!

1. Prepare contacts and passport before you go

Passports are one of the most valuable items you may need when travelling, and that's why you should prepare your important documents before you go on your holiday. Ensuring your passport is valid and in date prior your travels protects you from any unwanted hiccups along the way. Preparing your contact list is also a great way to ensure a safe travelling experience. A contact list can include names and phone numbers of family members and friends who you may need to contact while away. For extra safety measures, consider leaving your passport and contact details on the kitchen fridge, and always bring a copy with you!

2. Make sure you are fully packed the day before

Packing your items well before your departure date can reduce unwanted stress and travel anxiety before your trip. Consider writing a list of items needed, and start packing the week prior to your holiday. There is no worse feeling than realising you have left your beloved book, t-shirt or headphones at home! Remember to be fully packed the day before you depart to avoid forgetting any important items.

3. Book a flight that you can hop into directly after work

When time is not in your favour, we recommend booking a flight on the last day of work! That way, you have extra time on your holiday. Consider booking your flight early with your travel card, to score the best flight price and to guarantee your ideal flight time. Every moment on your holiday counts when time is limited, so use it wisely!

4. Calculate your time so you land in the morning

Calculating your time strategically when landing at your destination proves its benefits. If you time your flight to land in the morning, it means you are getting an extra full day of holiday adventure without the unnecessary overnight cost! Consider booking your flight early with your desired travel card to lock-in your ideal travel time and guarantee early arrival.

Calculate your time so you land in the morning

5. Book your accommodation early to score the best price

Accommodation can be costly when left to book at the last minute. Booking your accommodation early allows you to prepare for your holiday well in advance, and can be cheaper in the long run when finding the best online deals. Booking your accommodation online means you can find your ideal hotel, at the best price. Booking websites include Wotif, and Expedia all offer the best accommodation at competitive prices.

6. Plan and pre-book your activities so you don't waste time

Planning early means booking your activities on your desired dates, at the best prices! When challenged with a short annual leave holiday, preparation is key. When you pre-plan and book your activities, you allow yourself more time for other things that don't need to be booked; such as shopping or sightseeing. Research the popular attractions of the area you're visiting so you don't get overwhelmed with endless options when you arrive at your destination.

7. Make an itinerary to better your daytime hours

Itineraries are a great way to better plan your time, especially when your holiday time is limited. Make a list of activities you plan to do, and on what dates. Consider adding to your ideal places to visit to include places like local parks, galleries, cafes, restaurants, bars or pubs. This will require prior research, however, it will prove beneficial to plan to avoid missing out on activities, running out of time, or even daylight!

Make an itinerary to better your daytime hours

Planning your short annual leave holiday can sometimes be stressful, and that's why planning is essential!

Consider the above tips when preparing your getaway to help maximise your holiday time while away.

Go on holiday and have the time of your life, but remember to always research and plan before you depart to get the most out of your trip!