Discover Your Perfect Winter Wonderland

Which winter destination best fits your holiday? With many choices including Canada, USA, Austria, or perhaps Ireland; the options are endless. When wanting to discover your perfect winter wonderland, there are some important factors to consider. Have a think about how many days you can spend away on holiday, and how much you are willing to spend. Currency conversion rates play a big part in any holiday destination, so consider how much money you'll get back in exchange for your country's currency. Getting value for your money allows you to designate money around your holiday plans without restrictions. Depending on your winter travel dates, consider our below winter destination hotspots for a holiday that best suits your budget.

1. Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland

With hotels being 20-30 per cent cheaper than during the summer season, Dublin is the perfect destination for your winter wonderland away and is bound to snag any winter lover's heart. Ireland boasts holiday potential, offering a cosy winter away with their hearty winter meals and a pint at your local pub, it really does have it all. Flights are also generally cheaper during this time period as winter falls into the off-peak season, unlike summer and spring, which are peak tourist months due to warmer weather.

2. Vienna, Austria

While summer months can be costly, winter in Vienna can be much cheaper. During the winter, Vienna can reach below zero degrees Celsius, so remember to bring adequate clothing (including waterproof shoes) for your winter wonderland away! If you manage to align your holiday dates with Christmas, prepare to be submerged in the true Christmas culture, including events such as Vienna's world-famous Christmas night markets. However, if you miss these dates, don't fear! Vienna's Christmas markets quickly turn into their famous New Year's markets celebrating the past year, becoming the perfect winter wonderland away.

3. Berlin, Germany

If you love snow, winter in Berlin is a must. By early winter, Berlin is covered in a blanket of pure white snow, perfect for your winter escape. There are many activities to do in the winter, including multiple tourist attractions and local museums; Berlin will keep you busy on your winter holiday. And if you're struggling to warm up whilst away, consider visiting your local bars and restaurants for a hearty meal and a drink for those extra cold winter days. When looking for cheaper flights consider searching on Skyscanner as they offer cheap flights at competitive prices during off-peak winter months.

4. New York City, USA

New York City, USA

Covered in a blanket of snow, New York is truly a winter wonderland. New York offers a range of winter activities, including winter carnivals, festivals, and free local parks with spectacular views of snow-covered trees. Cheaper than the summer and spring seasons, winter in New York offers great deals due to its cold weather conditions. If you love snow and love a good holiday deal, consider booking your American dream holiday escape during this time.

5. Moscow, Russia

For a unique cultural experience consider travelling to Russia this winter. This is the perfect place to visit if you want to experience a true winter wonderland for your next holiday. Russia's winter occurs from November to March and is at its coldest between the months of December and January. Packed with cultural activities and sightseeing experiences, including New Year's Eve in Moscow showcasing the firework display at Red Square, the popular winter festivals or ice skating in the city centre, Moscow is filled with cultural winter activities for everyone. Few tourists consider travelling to Russia in the winter due to the extreme cold weather, and that's why activities and accommodation can become much cheaper! Booking on sites such as Trivago, Wotif and mean you can find great accommodation, at competitive prices.

6. Glasgow, Scotland

For your perfect winter experience, visit Scotland between the months of November and March. Generally colder from December through to February, Scotland is known for its magical surrounds, landscape, and festive events. Hotels and pubs open their doors to tourists during the winter, offering them a warm, homely space to enjoy their winter holiday. Famous events include Scotland's winter markets, and their New Year's event known as Hogmanay, a party celebrating the new year to come.

The world is at your feet when picking your perfect winter wonderland destination. With many places to consider, it truly is a tricky task only picking one. You may need more than one winter holiday away to experience the true wonders of winter!