Crazy Technology You Wouldn't Believe Actually Exists

The future is now, and the technology we have available to us today proves it. There’s no doubt that technology has transformed our lives hugely, and most of us can’t survive without our smartphones - but there are other weird and wonderful technological advancements out there that the world might not quite be ready for yet.

While we’re all over here living in 2018, the people who invented this crazy technology are all clearly living in the 3000s. Here are some of the world’s most unbelievable recent inventions and technological creations.

1. Translator earbuds

Google’s Pixel Buds pair with the Pixel smartphone and use Google Translate to translate languages in real time. This invention could remove language barriers and make travelling - and doing business with other cultures – much easier. With these earbuds, someone could be standing in front of you speaking French, and the earbuds will feed you the English translation. You can then hold down your right earbud and speak in English, and your phone will project the French translation from the Pixel's speaker, so the other person can hear. The earbuds can translate 40 different languages!

Translator earbuds

Image credit Techradar.

2. A headset that keeps conversations private

Don’t want anyone listening in to your top-secret conversations? Enter Hushme. This Bluetooth headset muffles your voice to keep conversations private. It’s a ‘personal acoustic device that protects speech privacy when speaking on the phone in open space offices and public places’. But how necessary is it? It’s certainly entertaining, with masking sounds like ‘squirrel’ and ‘Darth Vader’. Imagine Darth Vader’s breathing filling your office! We think this technology was made for fun rather than secret missions…

3. A whistle that sends virtual SOS signals

This little device could just put your parents’ minds at ease when you go travelling. Using GPS tracking and Bluetooth technology, the Geko Smart Whistle links with an app to alert your selected contacts of your whereabouts. If you find yourself in danger, just blow on the mouthpiece or press on your Smart Whistle’s button for two seconds to activate an SOS alert. It’s a discrete device that you can clip to your bag, and has the potential to save people from dangerous situations.

 A whistle that sends virtual SOS signals

Image credit My Geko Gear.

4. A bed that gives you the sweetest dreams

We spend one third of our lives asleep, so it makes sense to invest in your mattress. This technology takes a good night’s sleep to new levels. The Sleep Number 360 smart bed uses ‘responsive air technology’ to sense your movements and automatically adjusts its firmness and support so you can enjoy ultimate comfort as you sleep.


5. Clever cooking utensils

Imagine if sticking to a healthy eating plan was as simple as the pan you use to cook your food in. The Smartypan has inbuilt weights to measure how much you’re cooking, and uses temperature sensors to cook your dinner precisely. The handle’s lights glow red when you’ve got the temperature too high and step-by-step cooking instructions appear on the app as you cook. But here’s the really useful bit: the app calculates the nutrition of your meal as you cook in the pan.


6. A very smart toothbrush

There are other smart toothbrushes on the market, but none quite like this one. The Onvi Prophix uses an app to show you photos and live video of the inside of your mouth as you brush your teeth, using a 10-megapixel camera that’s built into the brush itself. The app gives you tips for improving your brushing technique and lets you take pictures too, so you can show any oral issues to your dentist.

A very smart toothbrush

Image credit Get Prophix.

7. Refrigerator content tracking

Don’t you hate it when you’re in the supermarket but you can’t remember what you’re there for? The Smarter FridgeCam allows you to see the inside of your fridge through your smartphone, so you can stock up on anything you’re out of without overbuying. The technology also adds expired or used fridge items to your personal shopping list. It works by taking a picture of your fridge’s contents every time you close the door, and is a great way to save on food waste.

Refrigerator content tracking

Image credit Smarter.

8. Doggy cams

Forget nanny cams – the millennial version lets you keep an eye on your pets when you’re not home via your smartphone. Furbo stands out because it not only lets you see your pet, but you can also dispense actual real-life treats to them from wherever you are, all via your phone! It has a two-way radio that lets you talk to your pet, too, and sends notifications when it senses barking.