Best Countries for a Shopaholic to Visit

For some, relaxation, exploring a new culture and seeing a new part of the world means poolside lounging, trying new foods and hikes. For others, it’s perusing the latest trends, getting lost in street markets and seeing how many bags you can carry in one hand before you topple.

If you’re partial to an end of year sale, love to scoop up those Christmas shopping bargains or join the queues on Boxing day, this is a piece for you.

Many of us jump at the chance to travel the world and pick up trinkets, souvenirs or glorious fashion statements, and – if you too love the excitement of seeing how much you can fit in your luggage on the flight home– you’ll enjoy our list of the best countries to visit for shopping. Get your currency converter ready and book tickets to these shopaholic paradises.

Milan, Italy

Milan, Italy

If you fancy yourself a trend setter, a must-see destination is Milan. Known for its fashion and support of many big names like Versace and Prada, Milan is a fashionista’s dream. Immerse yourself in the shop-filled streets for some window shopping or – if you’re really serious about shopping and fashion – visit the Quadrilatero d’Oro.

If you’re looking for more affordable Christmas shopping or simply want a bunch of different products in the one place, Il Salvagente could be a great choice. This outlet spans three floors and you may stumble on some great bargains.

Dubai, UAE

We promise you’ve never experienced shopping like this before. Better than any birthday, party or end of year sale bonanza you’ve ever had, Dubai provides shopaholics the ultimate joy with the biggest shopping destination in the world. Spanning more than one million sqm, The Dubai Mall gives you access to over 1,200 retail stores!

High fashion, haute couture, jewellery – everything you could ever want, can be found here. The family is taken care of too with an underwater zoo, ice rink, cinema and more, meaning you can shop as long as you like undisturbed.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Bargain shoppers rejoice! This is the place for you. Hong Kong if full of variety; every brand worth mentioning can be found nearby. Whether you are after clothes, electronics, jewellery or even antiques, you are sure to find something that tickles your fancy.

London, England

You’ll want to keep an eye on that currency converter here. However, London, while pricey, can be a great place to shop for both local and international brands. From little boutique stores and market stalls (take a look at Camden Market), to large emporiums such as Selfridges, London really has something for everyone. Those who love souvenirs will have plenty of shops to choose from with trinkets on every corner.

Paris, France

Paris, France

Ah, the city of love. We are sure you’ll fall in love with the expanse of shopping options at your disposal here. This isn’t the time or place to shop for essentials; it’s the place where you give into desires and purchase things that make your heart happy. Treat yourself.

New York, USA

The “city that never sleeps” may keep you up at all hours while you look for the latest sales, fashion must-haves and pretty new toys. With a plethora of big name department stores to explore, including Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s and Saks Fifth Avenue, your arms will be supporting numerous bags in no time. Christmas shopping, end of year sales and Black Friday are a welcome treat here. As well as sample sales (check online for dates and times). Looking to save even further? Here is a month-by-month guide to saving while shopping in the US.

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan

The ultimate in convenience and shopping can be experienced here in Tokyo. More than a department store, Isetan is also an attraction with so many areas to explore.

Don’t speak Japanese fluently? You can still have a perfect shopping experience with Isetan’s interpretation service available with English, Korean and Chinese staff able to assist you. Don’t want to lug all your purchases around? That’s not an issue either with hands-free shopping and hotel delivery options available (there are some conditions around these services, so be sure to do your research or ask staff).

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This probably isn’t a place that springs to mind when thinking of the ultimate shopping destinations, but you’ll be surprised how amazing it is for those who love to browse and spend. In Kuala Lumpur, you’ll find an abundance of large shopping centres as well as markets to peruse. However, perhaps one of the biggest perks is the ability to find a bargain. This is especially the case for Aussie travellers thanks to the conversion rates.

Try and time your trip around the Mega Sale Carnival held over two months every year around July and August or the Year-End Sale for further discounts.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Enjoy the bustling retail life as you choose between books, art, homewares, accessories and more. This destination is overflowing with choice. However, it is especially loved by those who are into leather – new handbag anyone? You’ll not only fall in love with the products here, but the colourful vibe you are greeted with too.

Travel tips for shoppers

Now you have an idea of where you’re going, make sure you make the right preparations. Almost every shopper will have a trusty credit card they rely on. So you’ll want to avoid foreign transaction and currency conversion fees. You’ll also want to ensure you have access to plenty of Wi-Fi – perfect for looking up the latest sales or finding your next shopping destination.

Time your purchases, whether it is Christmas shopping, end of year sales, Black Friday or simply purchasing at the end of a season for the best prices. And, remember, always check the conversion rate with a trusted currency converter so you know exactly how much you are spending. Happy shopping!