8 of the Best Cruises in the World

8 of the Best Cruises in the World

In no particular order, we have listed our top eight recommendations for the best cruises in the world! From the Danube, the Nile River, or to cruising the waters of the Greek isles, we have our top locations and cruises listed below. Who knows, you may even choose to go to more than one destination for your next holiday! To line up your next relaxing holiday, follow our guide below for the best cruise recommendations on offer worldwide.

1. Danube

Sail through the Danube on your next holiday. Emerald Waterways offer top touring experiences for young travellers. Danube Delights is an eight-day river cruise from Budapest to Munich, stopping at eight different destinations along the way. This tour is perfect for those who want everything included such as breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday whilst on the cruise. Danube Delights has much on offer with historical stopover highlights and bike tours; this cruise is set to will be the trip of a lifetime.

2. Burgundy Canal

Offering some of the best views France has to offer, experience the Burgundy River Cruise doing a loop departing and returning from Dijon, for an eight-day trek around the beautiful surrounds of France. Experience the gorgeous countryside of Europe and participate in activities such as bike riding through luscious forests and vineyards, local wine tasting, and small walking tours around the region. France has so much to offer, why not experience it on a cruise?

3. Nile

The Nile River is one of the ancient wonders of the world, stretching out 6,650 km in distance and is an important part of Egyptian settlement and historical significance. Imperial Egypt has some fantastic cruises on offer at the moment for touring the Nile. Stopping over at well-known historical sites such as the Valley of the Kings, this river cruise offers a cultural spin on regular cruises, including an accredited Egyptology guide throughout the tour that receives excellent reviews.

4. Antarctica

For a unique experience, book a cruise around Antarctica! This mesmerising travel destination is a next-level experience, not to mention you'll be even closer to visiting every continent, should that be your travelling goal. Covered by ice and wildlife, this is one off the beaten track adventure not to be missed. Intrepid offer early-bird deals for 2020-2021, so book ahead to get the best deal!

5. French Polynesia

Princes Cruises offer a unique experience around the French Polynesian Islands. The shimmering lagoon and crystal clear waters of the French Polynesian Islands are one of the most stunning destinations on earth to experience. We recommend this experience through Princess Cruises as they offer many activities throughout, such as island drives, glass bottom boat day tours, and aqua safaris. What more could you ask for on this luxurious island?

6. Norwegian Fjords

Cruise through history in the breathtaking Norwegian Fjords. Spend eight nights on the Royal Caribbean and explore the charming harbor of Bergen in Norway, the gateway to the Fjords. Experience a panoramic train ride in Flam, passing over clear blue waters and mountain views. The cruise departs from Southampton, England, giving you the opportunity to arrive a few days early (trains from Waterloo, London) and explore the town and its medieval architectural hotspots like Bargate and the Old Town walls before boarding. Fun fact, Southampton is the port where the Titanic departed from back in 1912.

7. Greek Islands

Intrepid offers some of the best cruises through the islands of Greece, sailing past spectacular views of the local lifestyle and picturesque white-stoned houses on coastal hills. Sunrises and sunsets in Greece are a must-see, and can be experienced at their best whilst aboard one of Intrepid's cruises.

8. Alaska

Who would've thought that Alaska was such a key destination for a cruise? Intrepid Travel offers a once in a lifetime holiday experience, cruising through the heart of the Alaskan waters with spectacular views of glaciers and local wildlife. This rugged wilderness makes you feel like you've gone back in time, where you'll have the opportunity to experience everything from Nome, an old mining town, and frontier settlements still hunting their own food, to the salmon run with - you guessed it - bears. Sit back and relax as you enjoy your journey through Alaska's dramatic coastlines, and Alaska's oldest and most scenic routes. Book your journey today to save on your next trip!

8 of the best cruises in the world - Alaska

We want you to fully enjoy your unique cruise on your next journey, wherever you choose to go. The next time you plan a cruise, keep in mind our recommended destinations for the best holiday experience, and book ahead to find the best deal.