8 Instagram Travel Bloggers You Should Be Following

Are you looking to get ideas for your next overseas adventure? Why not take advantage of those in the know?

We've pinned down some fresh talent worth your follow. These Instagram wanderers still hold that sense of excitement that comes hand-in-hand with new travellers, and while they may not be your professional endorsers just yet, they certainly deserve a place on the map.

###Digital Nomad Soul Denise woke up one day and decided that she was done with the business attire, tired of uninspiring projects, and tired of the long commutes that corporate life provides. She got herself a few remote gigs and jumped on a plane. The details of her story are very interesting and are captured in her pictures.


###Ground Folk Ground Folk is a creative community that aims to empower individuals in areas such as photography, design and arts, as well as dance and acting. Their Instagram account is focused on adventure travel photography. If you’re into adventure and exploration, Ground Folk is your perfect inspiration.

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###Salty Luxe Salty Luxe follows the story of Sarah from Byron Bay who aims to draw inspiration, and provide a place for travellers to share and connect as they explore every corner of the world.


###Kadek Arini Kadek is an Indonesian travel photographer and all-around adventurer. Her Instagram account boasts high resolution photography with recent interesting trips around Southeast Asia.

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###Febrian Another Indonesian on the list, Febrian’s ethos is: "Travel to know yourself". His trips seem to focus on the roads less travelled, where he immerses himself and lives the life of a local.

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###Weliveweexplore Weliveweexplore is comprised of Mish and Kirk, an Australian Instagram power couple who are also photographers, videographers, and sustainable living advocates.


###TheTravelHack Monica playfully chronicles her weekend breaks and affordable adventures. She also brings a stylish flare to travel as she documents nice hotels and foodie adventures in unusual restaurants not often found in your vanilla tourist experience.


###Light Travels Light Travels follows the adventures of Carly Nogawski, a 24-year-old travel blogger from Los Angeles who sent herself on a mission to see the world on a light budget, and tell the tale of how she did it. She has travelled to over 30 countries in 12 months using only a $15K budget. Follow her on Instagram and her YouTube channel as she shares ideas on how to find cheap flights or book the best budget itinerary.