7 Alternative Attractions You Must Visit in Japan

Have you visited Japan before? If not, you should! This country offers the most unique experiences and attractions that can only be discovered in Japan. This funky, quirky, jam-packed city is full of surprises, which we have listed for you to experience! From monkey parks to unique dining experiences, which one will you book first?

Stop 1: Monkey Park

Visiting a monkey park should definitely be on your to-do list. The Jigokudani Monkey Park is the place to see "snow monkeys" relaxing in hot springs. This park is located at Hirao Yamanouchi-machi Shimotakai-gun, Nagano-ken, approximately three and a half hours from Tokyo via express train and bus. And as any tourist would, make sure to bring your camera as this is one attraction to be filmed for the 'gram. This funky attraction will set you back 500 Yen (a mere $6-$6.50), and is worth visiting for the experience!

7 Alternative Japanese Destinations - Monkey Park

Stop 2: Sumo Wrestling

One of the most popular sports in Japan, sumo wrestling is common amongst locals and is a cultural treat for tourists to watch! Tourists are allowed to watch early morning trainings for free, and are encouraged to plan ahead for training session times and days. One popular training spot is Sumo Stable located in Tokyo, which offers free viewings of many early morning training sessions, but make sure you look out for the handful of months they don't run in.

Stop 3: Ninja Restaurant

One restaurant not to be missed is the Ninja Akasaka, located in Tokyo. Offering unique services such as funky dressed up waiters and a fun and energetic atmosphere, this is a great place for you to experience Japan if it's your first time visiting. Tripadvisor recommends this restaurant, and can be accessed via their website or by reserving your spot by phone call.

Stop 4: Visit Hell (in Japan)

Why not visit the "gateway to hell" in Japan? Hells (Jigoku), which is located on Japan's southernmost island of Beppu, is a common attraction in Japan. The hot springs are for viewing rather than bathing and there are seven "hells" you can observe. Although touring the "hells" can be a bit touristy for some, it is a unique, and stunning experience that offers scenic views and relaxing gardens. For more information, look here.

Stop 5: Robot Restaurant

Are you looking to be part of an insanely different experience? We have the answer! The Robot Restaurant in Tokyo offers a unique experience unlike any other. Pairing dinner with a futuristic robot show, what could be more out of this world? This experience is popular amongst tourists, and can book out in the holidays quickly. Ensure to book ahead of time to secure your seat!

Stop 6: Capsule Hotels

Are you claustrophobic? Best stop reading now! If not, this may be an alternative destination for you to visit next time you travel to Japan.

Capsule hotels are a major highlight to Westerners travelling to the area. Similar to hostels, capsule hotels are exactly what they are called, capsules. With communal bathrooms and separate locker areas the capsules are solely for sleeping, and are roughly as wide and long as a single bed and are enclosed for privacy. The hotel 9 Hours offers this unique experience in Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo and Sendai. The concept is based on the three things required to reset your day: a shower (one hour), sleeping (seven hours) and getting dressed (one hour) - all totalling nine hours. You can reserve your capsule by calling the hotel, or booking online.

Stop 7: Samurai Experience

If you want to experience Samurai life first hand, doing a day workshop is the way to go! Offering a cultural insight into the life of a Samurai, you will not only learn how they handle a sword, you will also learn the historical importance and cultural significance of the life of a Samurai warrior. One experience that receives rave reviews is the Samurai experience located in Kyoto, which allows you to get a glimpse into the philosophies of Bushido, including small tours and Zen meditation. Book your spot online today!