6 Ways to Save Money Travelling Overseas

When you’re travelling overseas, it’s easy for the dollars (or yen or euros!) to add up. However, with a little forward planning and a few good habits, you can save hundreds and still have a fantastic time.

Here are some top tips to save money on your trip:

1. Get the right credit card

Latitude 28° Global Platinum credit card

A special overseas travel credit card can save you hundreds. Ideally, choose a credit card with no annual fee or international transaction fees on your purchases, as this makes your travel so much easier. Beware of hidden fees on other cards. For example, some cards charge up to 3% on international transactions, so if you spend $10,000 you’re hit with a whopping $300 extra in fees. Check out the Latitude 28° Global Platinum Mastercard which is the perfect overseas travel companion – it has no annual fee and no international transaction fees on purchases,saving you hundreds.

2. Use your credit card wisely

Set a reasonable limit on your card. Budget carefully, and ensure you can pay off your credit card within the interest-free period. You can draw cash from your card at an ATM, however remember you’ll be charged a fee and there is no interest-free period on cash. To save on fees and interest, ensure you pay it off as soon as you can. And to protect yourself from fraud, get an RFID protector sleeve so nobody can read your card number without you knowing it.

3. Beware of currency conversion

This is where you can really save money – or lose it! Before you leave for your trip, check out the “spread” (the difference between the buy and sell rate) for various banks and credit card providers to find the best currency exchange rates. The bigger the spread, the more money you lose.

Credit cards like Mastercard or Visa usually give the best rates to convert your purchases back to your own currency. Latitude 28° Global Platinum Mastercard doesn’t charge you a currency conversion fee, offering big savings. Steer clear of airport and street kiosks – they usually have the biggest spread.

4.Get yourself a great deal

One of the most enjoyable parts of travelling is choosing somewhere exciting to stay, but you don’t have to splash out on expensive hotels. In fact Latitude 28° Global and Mastercard Priceless Cities give you access to discount at hotels.com.

5. Eat where the locals eat

Expensive restaurants can always chew through your travel budget, so try eating where the locals do. You’ll enjoy great cheap meals and get a taste of the local flavours.

6. Getting around

It’s always tempting to catch a taxi from the airport after a long flight. However, ask yourself “Is it really worth it”? Wherever you go, if you want cheap travel, public transport is usually the best option. If there are three or four in your group, it may be a cheaper travel option to arrange a hire car if you are going to be staying in an area for a while.