5 Unique Ways to Experience French Delicacies

Are you thinking about travelling to France? Have you thought about trying out new cuisines, and unique cultural dishes to surprise your taste buds? Have no fear, France offers the most memorable cuisines and delicacies one could ask for! With a variety of dish options available to tantalise your taste buds, including French onion soup, fromage boards, or even France's world-famous souffle, which one will you try first?

1. Eat at a patisserie in Paris

With many popular patisseries to choose from and selling only the finest delicacies France has to offer, visiting patisseries while in Paris is a must. Top places to visit include Des gâteaux et du pain, La Goutte d'Or, and Plume for the ultimate patisserie experience. If you are after a sweet or savoury fix, visit your local patisserie in Paris. Are you craving a simple yet delicious cake, perhaps a sweet slice, or maybe the popular French macaron? Paris will tantalise your taste buds. Why not treat yo' self?

2. Visit the cheese capitals

Visit the cheese capitals

One word: fromage.

Visiting France means cheese, and lots of it. If you are a cheese lover, this guide is for you. About an hour's drive north of Paris are the towns of Meaux and Melun, which boast their love for cheese. Specialising in Brie, a flavoursome cheese full of nutty and creamy textures, the town's native love for cheese proves successful being one of the most accessible and recognisable types of cheese worldwide.

Another popular hot spot for cheese lovers is Savoie, located in the Alps region. Home to traditional cheeses made with raw cow's milk, Savoie delivers fresh and creamy flavours of the region. Popular cheeses to try while on holiday in France include Beaufort, Abondance and Chevrotin, all offering full flavours of traditional Savoie cheese.

3. Try the classic French onion soup

Try the classic French onion soup

One of the most heart-warming dishes France has to offer, French onion soup is a popular and classic meal for locals and tourists alike. Made with minced onions, beef stock, cheese and of course, fresh bread on the side, this dish has been a well-known classic of France since the 18th Century. Known as a popular entree in France, French onion soup is nearly available at any French cafe or restaurant, so be sure to try it!

4. Say souffle?

A lightly baked cake made out of egg yolks, beaten egg whites and other add-in ingredients such as cocoa for a dessert dish or cheese for savoury, the souffle is a well known French delicacy. Souffle, a French verb meaning "to puff", is a very light cake popular in French cafes and restaurants. A favourite dessert dish amongst French kings and queens since the late 1700s, the souffle offers variety; sweet or savoury, which one will you choose?

5. Macarons!

Having roots deep in the middle ages and becoming popular by the 19th century, macarons are known for their symbol of romantic love due to their sweet taste and colourful appearance. Delicately flavoured, macarons are a favourite sweet treat in France. Made out of almonds, egg whites and sugar, the macaron is perfected in taste and flavour around many French cafes and patisseries. Being slightly crunchy on the outside, and having a pillowy soft inner, the macaron is a must try for all French tourists.

6. Don't forget to try the crème brûlée

Establishing itself as a popular dessert by the 19th century, the crème brûlée is a coveted dessert amongst locals and tourists around Europe. Being a culturally diverse dish around Europe, it is hard to trace the exact origins of the crème brûlée, however, the French have made it their own by putting a unique spin on the dish. Consisting of burnt cream and having a rich custard base, the crème brûlée is served slightly chilled and is available at just about all local cafes and restaurants around France. If you are a fan of desserts, cream and custard, this dish is for you!

France is filled with history, attractions and traditional tasty food, which makes it a fantastic food destination. Wherever you may travel around the country, be sure to use your time wisely and try these iconic dishes for a unique and cultural experience!