14 Most Instagram-Worthy Hostels Around the World

More and more millennials with wanderlust are planning their travels based on their destinations’ Instagram wow factor. Even budget accommodation has to be grid-friendly these days, and not all hostels are created alike. In fact, there are plenty of luxury, Instagram-friendly hostels to be found on your travels that will provide a wealth of grid-candy to keep those likes rolling in.

Here’s our pick of the most Instagram-worthy hostels around the world.

1. CITAN Hostel, Tokyo, Japan

Spread over seven floors with an edgy in-house coffee shop and hip bar, CITAN is one of the coolest places to stay in Tokyo. Complete with inviting outdoor seating and brilliant views of the city; industrial chic never looked so good.

CITAN Hostel, Tokyo, Japan

Image credit Booking.com

2. Jumbo Stay, Stockholm, Sweden

Gain serious Instagram credit by staying in the world's first Boeing 747-200 jumbo jet to be converted into a hostel. For the best Instagram shots, book the plane’s upper deck, which boasts an exclusive cockpit suite with private shower and toilet. Your Instagram account is about to take off!

Jumbo Stay, Stockholm, Sweden

Image credit Hostel World.

3. Happynest Inspiring Hostel, Chiang Rai, Thailand

Instagram lovers go crazy for an inspirational quote, and there are plenty of those to be found at Happynest. The shared area has a mezzanine level that looks onto a cosy but bright sitting room with funky cushions and wooden furniture.

 Happy Nest Inspiring Hostel, Chiang Rai, Thailand

Image credit Happynest Hostel.

4. Wallyard Concept Hostel, Berlin, Germany

This hostel has an arty look than fits right in with Berlin’s urban vibe. In the on-site coffee shop, light bulbs dangle nonchalantly from ceilings and chalkboards advertise the day’s specialties. Pops of yellow brighten up the monochrome interior, making this German hostel oh-so-grammable.

 Wallyard Concept Hostel, Berlin, Germany

Image credit Hostel World.

5. The Farm Hostel, Bali, Indonesia

Whitewashed exterior walls are strung with greenery, beanbags are scattered on wooden decking surrounding a swimming pool and an outdoor shared area is offered shade by a traditional wooden roof. This Balinese hostel is surrounded by rice fields, banana trees, bamboo and a running stream - all material for the grid.

 The Farm Hostel, Bali, Indonesia

Image credit The Farm Hostel.

6. Hub New Lisbon Hostel, Lisbon, Portugal

This Portuguese hostel stands out for one thing: its in-house ball pit! When you stay at New Hub, you can frolic in a plunge pool filled with 70,000 soft plastic balls. Imagine the Instagram shots. The mosaic hallways and pink-painted courtyard are pretty Insta-friendly, too.

Hub New Lisbon Hostel, Lisbon, Portugal

Image credit Hub New Lisbon Hostel Instagram.

7. Native Hostel, Austin, Texas

Native Hostel has hints of Old World grandeur thanks to the red velvet curtains providing privacy between bunk beds. Brass bathroom fixtures and marble counter tops whisper luxury, while tapestry carpets and exposed brick give the place a boho feel.

Native Hostel, Austin, Texas

Image credit Native Hostel.

8. Kadir’s Tree House, Antalya Turkey

Get major Instagram brownie points by staying in an actual treehouse in Turkey. This accommodation is quirky, colourful and definitely unique. Look out for the planks painted with salutations from around the world.

Kadir’s Tree House, Antalya Turkey

Image credit Booking.com

9. Casa Elemento, Minca, Colombia

Imagine posting an Instagram from the world’s largest hammock. At Casa Elemento, you can. This one-of-a-kind hostel is perched on a ridge in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Book the Cabaña Dorm for a private giant hammock overlooking the jungle and ocean.

Casa Elemento, Minca, Colombia

Image credit TripAdvisor.

10. Rodamón Riad, Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech is top of every Instagrammer’s bucket list this year largely thanks to its beautiful riads - but most of them cater to the luxury crowd. This riad hostel however, invites backpackers in to experience its rooftop terrace views of the Atlas Mountains and the Kotoubia Mosque, then bathe in the stunning green and white tiled courtyard.

Rodamón Riad, Marrakech, Morocco

Image credit Booking.com

11. Generator Hostel, Venice, Italy

Venice is one of those cities that’s made for Instagram, but its accommodation options? Not so much. Generator however, has shared areas to rave about with low ceilings, quirky plush furniture and neon lights beaming out Instagram-friendly quotes in Italian.

Generator Hostel, Venice, Italy

Image credit Generator.

12. Paper Plane Hostel, Kuala Lumpur

This hostel’s glasshouse lobby and rooftop terrace give it major Instagram points. The industrial walls are decorated with modern art designs that were hand-painted by artists from Bangkok, adding to the hostel’s personality.

Paper Plane Hostel, Kuala Lumpur

Image credit Paper Plane Hostel Instagram.

13. Wow Tainan International Hostel, Tainan, Taiwan

Wow Tainan has its own yoga studio and guests are welcomed in through a funky, colourful outdoor area that makes it easy to find. The rooms have whitewashed walls adorned with fun doodles.

Wow Tainan International Hostel, Tainan, Taiwan

Image credit TripAdvisor.

14. Caravan BA Hostel, Buenos Aires

An outdoor swimming pool, garden and terrace provide ample photo opportunities at this Buenos Aires hostel. Colour block walls, patterned armchairs and wall murals liven up the place, making it seriously Instagram-friendly.

Caravan BA Hostel, Buenos Aires

Image credit Caravan BA Instagram.

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