Our Top 10 Most Instagrammable Places on Earth

From majestic mountains to roaring waterfalls, there's an abundance of natural beauty around the world. But which spots are the most insta-worthy? We've scoured the globe to bring you 10 locations which will leave your followers with serious FOMO. Read on to discover our favourite breathtaking destinations which offer more than just a pretty picture.

1. Lake Bled, Slovenia

10 most instagrammable places on earth - Slovenia

Tucked away at the foot of the Julian Alps, Lake Bled looks like something right out of a fairy tale. This picturesque destination in Slovenia is located less than 60 minutes by car from the capital, Ljubljana, and is even closer to Slovenia's airport. You can also fly in to Trieste, Italy, and jump on a train to Bled. Lake Bled is for those looking to enjoy the best nature has to offer and is one of those rare destinations where it looks exactly like the photos in real life!

There are many ways to soak up the lake's magnificent view, whether it's walking up to Ojstrica on the west end (undoubtedly the best view of the lake), a leisurely stroll or cycle around (about 6km) or even soaring over it aboard a hot air balloon. There's so much to do in this area, with many outdoor activities like mountain bike riding, horse riding, hiking, canyoning, white water rafting and for the low-key holidayers; a simple walk around that stunning lake will not disappoint. There's also a beautiful trail leading to Bled Castle and visitors must try Lake Bled's famous cream cake. Of course, a trip to Lake Bled wouldn't be complete without hiring a traditional 'pletna' wooden boat, to visit its famed Bled Island and that fairy tale-like church. Dating back to the 16th century, the church features a "wishing bell" in its upper roof, which is said to make wishes come true when you ring it.

2. The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

10 most instagrammable places on earth - Iceland

Arguably one of Iceland's top tourist destinations and its most visited, the Blue Lagoon is simply breathtaking. Located in a lava field in Grindavík in Iceland's southwest, its milky blue waters are not only heated to the perfect temperature of 37-39 degrees year-round, but are also rich with skin-rejuvenating minerals. When you're not busy snapping photos for the 'gram, we recommend splurging on one of the in-water massage treatments or indulging in some delicious Icelandic meals at Lava Restaurant. You can even dine in your robe post-spa until 4pm, the ultimate treat!

3. Santorini, Greece

10 most instagrammable places on earth - Greece

No trip to Greece would be complete without snapping a sunkissed photo against Santorini's whitewashed buildings. Part of a string of islands created by a volcanic eruption, Santorini boasts an incredible array of wineries to taste the local wines, and black sand beaches to explore. For the adventurous, check out the volcano tours taking you right to the crater, and can include trips to the hot springs and sunset dinners.

4. Abisko National Park, Sweden

10 most instagrammable places on earth - Sweden

Looking to capture the perfect shot of the elusive Northern Lights? Abisko National Park is heralded as one of the top spots in the world to gaze upon this natural wonder. We recommend planning your trip between March and October to give yourself the best chance to see the lights with the help of Abisko's professional guides. But don't discount the rest of the park during the day, there's an array of stunning hiking tracks to explore which will lead you to glistening frozen lakes and hidden waterfalls.

5. Verdon Gorge, France

10 most instagrammable places on earth - France

Colloquially known as 'The Grand Canyon of Europe', Verdon Gorge offers pristine waters and panoramic views along its 700 metre-deep limestone cliffside. You'd be hard-pressed to find a more rewarding drive than the one along the edge of the gorge which takes you right to its central lookout, Point Sublime. If the allure of the gorge's sapphire blue waters prove too irresistible, you can also get up close and personal with a leisurely kayak or paddle boat ride. One of the best places to rent these is under the bridge by Pont du Galetas, where you'll have enough time to paddle or kayak into the canyon and back.

If you're carrying valuables to capture your 'gram moment but they're not waterproof, you might consider a paddle boat, as you'll have a better chance of keeping your electronics dry. It's worth visiting nearby towns such as Saint Croix du Verdon for lakeside activities, dining and of course stunning views, and Moustiers Sainte Marie, which is considered one of the most beautiful villages in France. Although small, the village sits at the base of towering cliffs and you can explore higher and higher before reaching the Notre-Dame de Beauvoir chapel with another stunning view. The Alpes de Haute Provence region is known for its lavender fields (specifically the Valensole plateau), so you'll find many lavender souvenirs in these beautiful villages.

6. Chefchaouen, Morocco

10 most instagrammable places on earth - Morocco

Nestled at the foot of the Rif Mountains in northern Morocco, Chefchaouen's striking blue buildings are hard to miss, and are most definitely an Instagram hotspot. It's easy to lose yourself in this cerulean maze of winding streets lined with colourful pot plants, intricate tapestries and mosaic walls. The changing light or weather create different effects on the blue walls, forever entrancing the wandering traveller. You may even stumble upon the city's Kasbah, an old fortress-turned-museum which houses sacred artefacts and is surrounded by beautiful Andalusian gardens.

7. Rainbow Mountain, Peru

10 most instagrammable places on earth - Peru

If none of our workouts with a view destinations tickled your fancy, we're sure that scaling Rainbow Mountain will be the challenge you've been looking for. Located a few hours out of Cusco, this famous slab of shifting colours has been listed in National Geographic's 'Top 100 Places to Visit Before you Die' and we can see why! Not for the faint of heart, the hike is a day-long battle against the altitude (5,200m, and it's advised to get acclimatised in Cusco for a day or two first) and elements, but we promise that the spectacular views at the top make the trek worth it! The best time to hike is said to be May to September during the warmer months, just make sure you bring sun protection!

8. Fushimi Inari Shrine, Japan

10 most instagrammable places on earth - Japan

Home to the famous vermilion Torii Gates, Fushimi Inari Shrine is one of 40,000 shrines sprinkled across Japan. Dedicated to Inari, the Shinto god of Rice, the shrine features a leisurely hike through thousands of Torii gates to reach the summit of the Inari mountain which boasts incredible views. Look out for the hundreds of fox statues along the way which represent Inari's messengers as well as the shrine's furry cat residents which come out to play at night.

9. Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA

10 most instagrammable places on earth - America

Only accessible with a local guide, Antelope Canyon's incredible rock formations and red slot walls will leave you speechless. Sculpted by wind and water over millions of years, this natural wonder presents unlimited photo opportunities for budding photographers. We recommend booking a guided sightseers tour to hear about the canyon's rich history from a native Navajo guide who will help you navigate this sculpted masterpiece. You'll notice there's an Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon, however the upper canyon is considered more beautiful, as it is wider at the bottom than the top which allows it to produce such beautiful lighting effects inside. Antelope Canyon is located about a four and a half hour drive from both Las Vegas and Phoenix, so you could include a visit into a bigger US road trip.

10. Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

10 most instagrammable places on earth - Singapore

Renowned for its nightlife and stunning Marina Bay skyline, Singapore is also home to one of the most mesmerizing garden light shows you'll ever lay eyes on. Each night the Supertree Grove comes to life with a dazzling performance combining song and light, put together by award-winning lighting designer Adrian Tan and one of Singapore's most highly regarded composers Bang Wenfu. Don't forget to check the show times before your visit to make sure you don't miss this magical experience.


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