Smart hacks to keep your wedding budget in check

Wedding costs can quickly spiral out of control in the quest to create your perfect big day. If you need to keep costs down, consider some of these tips and save yourself some serious cash.

Get married during the off-season

Many couples want to get married in Spring and Summer, but many venues will charge higher rates during these months as there is high demand, especially for venues with an outdoor aspect. Many grooms and guests wearing suits have sweltered through warm weather weddings, so a cooler climate can actually be more practical. Worried about rain? Warmer months don’t guarantee you’ll stay dry, and the humidity that comes with a Spring or Summer shower can wreak havoc with make-up and hairdos!

Even if your venue doesn’t publicise discounted rates for an Autumn or Winter wedding, there is no harm in asking – you may be surprised.

You don’t always need brand new decorations

Have you ever heard newly married couples complain about the excess of wedding decorations they have lying around after the event? Fairy lights, candle holders, centrepieces and other knick-knacks can really help to personalise your big day, but the costs of all the elements can quickly add up.

Lots of savvy couples now package up their decorations post-event and sell them online, helping them to recoup some of the costs and spread the love to other couples. Search around online and see what you can find – it’s almost guaranteed that someone is selling the exact elements you’re looking for, at a discounted cost, because most couples simply want to get rid of the excess without throwing them away.

Going designer? Consider a second-hand dress

Some brides would baulk at the idea of not having a brand new wedding dress, and that is completely reasonable for such a special and personal aspect of the wedding. But with gowns from some designers running upwards of $8000 or more to buy new, many brides are turning to dress reselling sites and stores to pick up their dream gown at a discount.

Be flexible

It’s easy to get hung up on every little detail about your big day – of course, you want everything to be perfect! But being flexible and thinking outside the box can save you a lot of money.

While many venues have ‘preferred vendors’ that they recommend you use, don’t feel pressured to, but also check to make sure that there aren’t any restrictions. Some venues will only work with certain vendors, so be sure to understand what your options are before you commit to a venue.

If you aren’t bound to use certain vendors, you can save on things like flowers and transport. Instead of going through a specialist florist, head to your local farmers market and find a flower seller there. Chat with them about what you’re looking for, and when your big day is. They’ll be able to make recommendations around what is likely to be available, and you can likely save big picking your flowers up from them the morning of your wedding (what are bridesmaids and groomsmen for, after all!).

Some couples are even opting to use services like Uber Black for transport on their big day, rather than fork out for luxury car services. While this can be slightly risky, you could also save a huge amount of money.

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