Top 10 Remote Working Research Insights

Our recent 'Travel Done Better' survey, with a sample of 1000 Australians between the ages of 18-35 shared some fascinating insights about the new ways of working of young Australians and working overseas. We've complied ten of the most interesting stats for you!

  1. 91.7% of Aussies say the idea of working overseas is appealing to them.

  2. 92.3% of Aussies say given the opportunity they would like to work overseas.

  3. Three quarters of people would be willing to take a pay cut to work overseas (74%).

  4. The opportunity to explore new places and new cultures is the most attractive aspect of working overseas (82%), followed by the adventure of it (70.2%) and the opportunity to grow/learn new skills (67.5%).

  5. A third of Aussies say working overseas is one of their top aspirations in life (32.4%).

  6. Working overseas would be a form of getting paid to tick things off on the bucket list for four in five Aussies (81.2%).

  7. One in five Aussies are currently exploring work opportunities overseas (21.5%), and 53.5% are not currently exploring but do plan to.

  8. Top three things holding people back from working overseas are: - Sacrificing family and friends (66.7%) - The prospect of receiving less pay (34%) - Being pulled out of my comfort zone (27.3%).

  9. Four in five (80.6%) believe financial institutions should make it easier for young people to travel and work overseas.

  10. Returning to Australia after working overseas: - Two thirds said 'yes, definitely' (68.6%) - one third said 'yes, possibly' (30%).

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